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It's a new season

Richard is so hungry. Stupid bats, eating all their food.

It's a good thing he's riding, because between the hunger and the remnants of the cold he's still fighting, Richard definitely wouldn't be up for walking all this way. He's almost dozing off on his horse, sniffly and miserable as they ride through the forest.

It's getting really cold too.

Actually, it's... getting really weirdly cold. Like it could almost start snowing.

Hold on, it is snowing! Just barely, little flecks of snow drifting down through the trees, not enough to actually cover anything, but enough to confirm how cold it is. The leaves beneath the horse's hooves are crunchy with frost.

Have they entered into a Snow Queen's realm or something? Because it really isn't the season. Richard is fairly sure there's no one like that around these parts, but he's been wrong, you know, on occasion. If that's the case, he'd better warn Galavant and Roberta that they should change their course.

Which... would be easier if he knew where they'd gone off to. Did they become separated while he dozed off? Damnit.

"Galavant?" he calls, then clears his throat, voice scratchy from his cold. "Gal, buddy?" He pauses, listening. "Bobby?" Still nothing but silence, and a cold breeze rustling the crisp leaves above him. Richard shivers, then reaches into his shoulderbag and pulls out Tad Cooper. He tucks the baby dragon inside his vest, where he can be kept warm by Richard's fever.

Well, nothing to do but to ride on. Perhaps he can find some more open area to see what's ahead. He calls out a few more times, until he reaches a stone road. That's peculiar, how did they get it all flat and even like this? They must have really talented masons around these parts.

Soon enough the forest opens up, and Richard can see the mountains ahead. The... very tall, very vertical, block-shaped mountains?

Really talented masons, then.

"...What the hell?" he proclaims eloquently.

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Daine isn't even particularly close to the new arrivals when the Rift spits them out, but that doesn't matter. She couldn't miss them if she tried. One moment things are normal (or as normal as they ever get), and then, quite suddenly, there's a horse in the Park who she's never met before. A horse, and a... and...

Daine sits up straight, and the geese surrounding her lift their heads in alarm. "It's okay," she whispers to them, even though it may very well not be. At least it doesn't feel like a very old dragon. More like a baby, younger than Kitten, even. But that's all the more reason to get to it as soon as possible. She stands, brushes leaves off the back of her pants, and then starts off at a brisk walk, silently calling the horse towards her.

At second thought, better make that a jog. She picks up her pace, veering off the lawn and onto the road. It's early in the morning, and the traffic inside the Park is relatively light. After a minute or so, she hears the sound of hooves, and then horse and rider appear around the bend. No sign of the dragon, though, and it isn't until she adjusts her vision that she realizes he's tucked inside the rider's vest.

Daine slows, and the horse ambles up to her and bumps its nose against her chest. "Um. Hullo," she says to all parties, reaching up to stroke the horse's cheek. The poor creature. It's been a weird morning for all of them, hasn't it? Goddess, where are they going to put them all? She'll just have to worry about that when the time comes. She looks up at the man's face, then down at his vest, and any sensible introduction gets bypassed in favor of, "You have a dragon!"
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The dragon doesn't look at all like Kitten, and Daine lights up, fascinated. It could easily pass for some sort of lizard, and she's reminded of caterpillars who look like snakes and other such bits of animal trickery. Maybe looking like a lizard makes young dragons less likely to be noticed by two-leggers in whatever realm they're from, though she supposes it wasn't enough in this young fellow's case.

Daine side-steps the horse's head, giving its neck a pat as she goes. "I was looking after a dragon back home," she says, not a little bit wistfully. She wishes Kitten had come through with her. She tries not to - it seems wrong to wish being stuck in Manhattan on anyone - but now that the faction troubles are over, it's easier to forget the danger the dragon might have been in, and to instead think about how fascinated she would have been by this place.

Like Kitten, the dragon doesn't seem able to talk - not like the People do, anyway. But Kitten never had a problem making herself understood despite all that. "What's his name?" she asks curiously. "D'you mind if I take a closer look at him?"
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Daine blinks at the name, but she supposes it's no more silly a nickname than 'Kitten,' when all is said and done. The dragon's proper name is probably something a bit more impressive. Maybe, when he gets a bit older, he'll be able to share it with her. For now, she carefully takes the little creature in her hands and holds him up at eye level so she can examine him more closely. Her smile widens. "He really does look just like a lizard," she says, sounding impressed rather than skeptical. There's no outward sign of wings, and his claws aren't silver. If he didn't feel so unlike a lizard in her mind, she probably wouldn't have known the difference.

She didn't miss the man's hesitation, and she doesn't fault him for it. Rather than give the dragon a more in-depth examination, she gently passes him back. There will be time for that later; right now, she ought to get this poor fellow up to speed.

"I s'pose you have questions about where you are and how you got here," she says wryly as the horse turns to lip curiously at her hat. "The same thing happened to me last winter. I'm Daine. And that's not for eating," she adds to the horse, who draws back a little with a snort.
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The 'all day' comment gives her a moment's pause - from her perspective, the day's hardly begun - but if the Rift is able to fling folk across universes and seasons, it's probably small work to make it a different time of day, as well. What a bother, though, on top of all the others.

His question is easy enough to answer, though it doesn't give her much pleasure. She could have asked her friends to keep an eye out for other new two-leggers if they were on foot, but she'd've noticed if more new horses had popped up out of nowhere. "I think it's just you," she says with a trace of an apology in her tone. "The Rift doesn't often bring more than one person through at a time." She's surprised it brought this man through with his horse and his dragon instead of waiting until he'd wandered away from both of them, though by now, nothing the Rift does ought to surprise her.

"The Rift is a sort of door between realms," she adds. "That's where you've landed: another realm. This is Manhattan, an island in New York City." She doesn't expect him to recognize the names; Mithros knows she's never heard of 'Hortensia.' "It's... probably fair different from your realm. It is from mine." She doesn't know if his universe is all that much like hers, but given his dress and the fact that he's going about on horseback, she's guessing he's in for some culture shock.
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He's not really asking her to repeat the miserable news, is he? Daine hopes not. It seems less like he didn't catch it and more like he just doesn't want to believe it, and she can't blame him for that.

"I'm sorry," she says with a sympathetic wince. "I know it's fair awful, but you're not alone, here. There are others like us, who have come through the Rift as well. We'll help you." A small comfort after losing your friends and everything else you ever knew, but it's the most practical thing she can offer him.

She gives the horse's neck a steadying pat, looking up at the man with no small amount of concern. He's not about to fall out of the saddle, is he? "Maybe you ought to come down from there," she suggests gently, "and tell me your name." And what 'normal' looks like, wherever he's from, but that can wait a bit.
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She starts forward a pace when Richard stumbles, ready to take him by the arm if he starts to topple, but he manages to regain his balance without help. Maybe staying on the horse would have been easier for him... but then again, this is already a lot for him to handle. If he's going to get overwhelmed, better to have a shorter distance to fall. At least she can catch him like this.

"I'm Daine," she repeats, in case he missed it the first time around. She watches him strap on his sword and draw his blanket around his shoulders like a makeshift cape, and decides to take a guess that his realm is close enough to hers to be getting on with. She might not dress much like she used to, but looking at him, it's easy to slip back into more familiar speech patterns. "Back home, I was assistant horsemistress for the Queen's Riders, but here, I'm just Daine." Maybe 'horsemistress' and 'queen' will be familiar terms to him.

Now that he's closer to her level (though still taller than her by a fair amount), she can see that he doesn't look well. Not that she'd expect him to - he's been on the road all day, and now he's in a completely different realm that's probably colder than the one he came from - but he actually looks as if he might be ill. As if he's not having a hard enough time without that.

Well, this is a pretty mess. She ought to get him inside, but she knows how overwhelming the city can be. Plus, there's the horse to consider. Daine's familiar with the stables where the carriage horses are kept, and is on friendly terms with some of the drivers, but she's not sure what they'd say if she just showed up with a strange horse and asked to borrow a box. Nor does she want to drag Richard all the way to the Hudson. It'd be a hard enough journey just for the horse, and she'd rather only have to worry about soothing one spooked creature at a time.

"Why don't we find a bench and sit down," she finally says, taking the horse's reins. "I've got food in my bag, and I can answer any questions you like." Then she can worry about getting the two of them settled.
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"It's called asphalt," Daine explains. "It's lots of little rocks and tar mixed together, as far as I can tell. Smells awful." She wrinkles her nose. "Most of the construction happens during warmer months, but I expect you'll see some while you're here." It's not much of a selling point, but if he's curious, he might find it interesting to watch (at least for a few minutes; she can't imagine not getting bored before too long).

It doesn't take them long to reach a bench. Daine leads the horse off the path. There's no cause to tie him; she just advises him not to wander very far (and given recent events, it's not a hard sell). If something does frighten him into bolting, Daine won't let him get too far.

"Here we are," she says, having a seat and opening her bag. She produces a granola bar, starts to pass it over, then hesitates long enough to start unwrapping it. "The outside is plastic; you don't want that," she says, handing it to Richard. There's a thermos of hot chocolate as well - one of many things that feels like a grand indulgence even though it hardly costs anything when you buy it in bulk. She unscrews the cap, which doubles as a cup, then pours some of the steaming beverage out for him. "You'll like this," she promises. "We don't have anything like it in my realm."
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Daine wasn't expecting him to recognize it, but it's a pleasant surprise when he does. Honestly, it might be more helpful to have a familiar treat than something else brand new (if delicious). She snaps the spout shut and sets the thermos down between them; he can serve himself some more if he likes.

Now, there's just the tricky business of trying to explain to him exactly where - and when - he's found himself.

"Well," she starts cautiously, "I'm not sure how they measure the years where you're from, but 2013, here - November 23rd. This city is called New York, and it's on the eastern coast of the United States of America. The ocean isn't so far," she adds with a nod in its direction, "but we can't leave the island. The Rift won't let us."
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Daine nods, not particularly surprised. They numbered the years differently in her realm, but from what she can tell, the one he's named lines up with this realm's version of the middle ages, which seems nearest to where she's from. It ought to make things easier, but even having someone from a similar time period around won't make all the weird things folk have come up with over the centuries seem less... well, weird.

She'll have to warn him about cars.

"The Rift does that," she says with a little shrug. "I think I'm from a time period like yours, but here we are." His horse hangs his head over her shoulder, and Daine absently pets his nose. "There's a lot that's happened since our time, with technology and things. It could pass for magic, back home, but it's all done with science. That's how they've got the buildings so tall. And most folk don't ride horses, anymore - not in the city. There are horse-drawn carriages, but those are for fun." Even now, it sounds absurd, and a little unsettling, to think a typical mode of transport back home is a quaint novelty here. "They ride around in cars or buses. You'll see plenty of those soon. They're not dangerous so long as you don't step in front of them when they're moving."
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This again - and from someone from her own sort of time, no less. Daine rolls her eyes. It's her suspicion that 'magic is just science' is the sort of thing scientifically-minded folk tell themselves to feel better about the fact that they don't understand how magic works (or don't have any, themselves, though you'd think scientific advances would make up for that - who needs a speech spell when everyone has a phone?).

"Not where I come from," she says firmly. "Elsewise, anyone could do it. Mind, plenty of folk have the Gift - that's what we call it in my realm. And some have wild magic, too, which is what I've got."
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"But anyone could, with the right training," Daine points out. Sure, folk might not have the head for it, but that's not the same as not being born with magic. But Richard seems to have deflated a little, so she adds, more bracingly, "But you don't even have to understand how science works to use it. I've figured my phone out, and it's nothing like my magic. It's sort of... made for everyone."

Well, that's as good a thing to start with as anything else. Her phone might be the most wondrous thing this realm has given her. Even folk from realms like this one appreciate phones enough to be thrilled they're just being given one for free, from what she's seen. Richard will probably like it.

"I can show you my phone, if you like. You'll be getting one, so you might as well see how they work. They're fair wondrous."
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"It's a little machine you can use to talk to folk, but it does lots more than that." Daine fishes hers out and gives the screen a quick polish with her sleeve before thumbing it on and angling it so Richard can see what she's doing. "Like, this button here pulls up a thing that tells you what the weather's supposed to be." It's not the most impressive thing the phone does, but 'the internet' might be too much to start with.
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"It can," Daine says, brightening a little. He seems to be cheering up. It might not last - especially when they inevitably leave the Park and he gets a full dose of the city itself - but for now, it's nice to see. "It's called 'video chat,' but most folk don't use it."

That had surprised her; she would've thought more people would go for the option that most closely matched normal talking, face-to-face. But then again, she's familiar enough with written messages to appreciate that texting is useful and a bit less intrusive.

"Texting seems to be what everyone uses most. It's like sending a little written message to other people. You can text as many people at once as you want, too. There's a whole network of Rifties - that's what we call ourselves, all the folk who've come through the Rift. We all have phones so we can talk to each other easily and find each other and such."

She passes the device over - Richard probably won't do any harm to it - and sits back against the bench. "The humans native to this city know about the Rift, but they're not all happy about it. You're probably best off trying to blend in, and asking other Rifties if you need help with anything."
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"Oh!" Daine grins. "That's the camera. It might be one of my favorite things phones do. It takes pictures, like a painting or a sketch, but it looks as good as the real thing. You've got the front-facing one on now, but if you tap that symbol with the arrows, it'll switch to the back-facing one. Then, if you press that circle near the bottom, it takes a picture of whatever's on the screen." She points helpfully, but doesn't actually press anything, herself. She knows from experience that it'll be more exciting if he does it for himself.

"It's like it takes a moment out of time and just keeps it," she says with open wonder. It's been some time since she was able to share technology with someone who didn't already know more about all of it than she did. "You can look back on it whenever you like."
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He seems to be getting the hang of things quickly enough. It's almost embarrassing when compared to her own bewildered introduction to the city. But, to be fair, it sounds as if his realm has more similarities to this one than hers did. That might make the adjustment a bit easier.

"Aziraphale will get you one," she says, going back to petting the horse. "Or Gabriel will. It depends on which building you end up living in. There's one on either side of the Park, and they've both got angels in charge of things. You won't want for money or a roof over your head so long as you're here."

After a beat, she turns to give the horse a considering look. "I'm not sure what we'll do with this one, though," she says thoughtfully. "There's a stable for the carriage horses, but I don't know if they'd be able to rent you a box." There's a stable for the police horses, too, come of think of it, but that seems like an even harder sell. Frankly, after some of the ruction she's caused, Daine would as soon avoid getting familiar with - or to - local law enforcement.

"Maybe Aziraphale could just make something," she muses. She's not sure how complicated that would be, and he'd probably have to make up permits and things in addition to an actual space, but on the other hand, he is an angel. He made a whole bookshop; how hard would a loose box be?
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"The one on the East side is a bit nicer," Daine concedes with a shrug. Less nice suits her just fine; she's spent too much time sleeping in makeshift camps or in comparatively modest quarters near the horses to turn up her nose at free housing of any kind, and her little apartment suits her purposes well enough.

(Well. Sometimes she wishes it was a bit bigger so she could take in more strays, but that's not something she'd get in the Eastern apartments, anyway.)

"I think it's newer than the one on the West side - that's where I live - but they're both comfortable. They've got heat that runs through pipes, so they stay warm even when it's awful out, and you don't have to worry about keeping a fire going." Or bespelling some random object to give off heat. Daine's magic doesn't work that way, but she has two dogs and a cat, so she never has to worry about getting cold at night regardless. Most evenings, she leaves her window cracked just to make sure things don't get stifling.