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Not one before another [closed]

It's been nearly a week since the TARDIS' abrupt departure, and Gabriel is having some trouble adjusting to the change. Johnny has helped immensely, but grief still weighs on him in a way that he can't quantify. Johnny isn't in the building now, gone for some reason or another he doesn't remember, and Scout is sleeping in on his bed.

Gabriel is sitting at the kitchen table and staring across the room at the Kandinsky print hanging on the wall. He lets his eyes unfocus. As he watches, the colors bleed into each other making the abstract shapes lose cohesion. He's thinking about what's behind the painting. After Lucifer had first arrived, he'd set up an angel banishing sigil in case Johnny were ever in the room without him there for protection. It's still there behind the print, drawn in his own blood.

He's been thinking about the sigil a lot in the past week. If it were his own universe, activating it would send any angel including himself back to heaven. Here, he's not sure of the effects. Would it send him back home, or crashing into the Rift? Or would it do something else entirely, something that he's not prepared for? What if it could give him a way into the rift- a way to follow the TARDIS back to wherever she is?

He takes a deep breath, knowing that he needs to try. And now, with Johnny gone, is the perfect time. The problem is that if something goes wrong or if it goes right enough that he slips through the rift, he doesn't want to leave Lucifer behind to hurt his friends.

He stands and walks to the door to wipe the sigil from the door, then drops down to remove the sigil from the front of the building. When he returns to the apartment, he shuts the door to the bedroom quietly, then walks to pour himself a drink from the bar. The painting and the sigil underneath it wait on the wall behind him while he calls Lucifer to come.
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Lucifer can feel it when the sigils are lifted; a spot in the universe that had previously been clamped off to him, now open. His little brother hadn't been lying, though he isn't entirely convinced that Gabriel wants him around to merely chat. He's made it infinitely clear that he barely tolerates Lucifer's presence on a good day-- that he should suddenly change his mind and go seeking out his company is odd.

But Lucifer is curious and Gabriel is his brother. He'll humor him this time.

He takes wing and appears inside the apartment, in the kitchen near where Gabriel is making himself a drink.

"Hello, Gabriel. Long time, no see."
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He sees the sigil a moment before Gabriel's hand hits the wall and only has time to take one step forward before the connection. He doesn't know what could possibly happen-- where the sigil would banish them to, or whether it would toss them both into the Rift, or if it would even work at all.

There are a few tense seconds where nothing happens at all. There is just Gabriel, tense and intent, his hand pressed against the wall, and Lucifer, in an aborted movement to stop him.

When it's clear that the sigil has failed, Lucifer takes those few more steps over to his brother and pulls his bloody hand from the wall, grip firm around his wrist.


His voice is cold; this was foolish and possibly suicidal, and he doesn't appreciate his brother gambling with both their lives.

"What did you think this would do, Gabriel?"
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"Your something could have nearly killed us both."

Could have actually killed them both, depending on what happened. The Rift could very well be able to kill them, or something close enough. That's why Lucifer has always been careful around it, after he'd seen all the things it could do to them if provoked. He doesn't want to be spat out with broken wings like Gabriel was.

"Is that what you want, Gabriel? Not just to harm yourself even more than you already have, but to drag me down with you?"