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Get in Loser, We're Going Shopping [Closed]

It's getting colder. Snuggling beneath a blanket with Iman used to feel like something they could just get away with as summer's heat subsided. Now, it's more or less the default. Not that she's complaining - far from it, and she shifts a bit closer to Iman as if in defiance of that entirely hypothetical accusation - but it does serve as a reminder that winter is well on its way, and Greta's fairly certain her current wardrobe is not going to suffice. It's already dipped below freezing a few times. Before too long, it'll start properly snowing. She'll need a heavier coat, and boots - things she can't just knit for herself.

She also might be toying with the idea of trying jeans.

Thusfar, it's been an internal debate. Part of her is mortified by the thought of wearing something so unladylike, but she's less and less inclined to listen to any part of her that still measures things against the yardstick of her own universe. She won't be going back, so why should she trouble herself over what the villagers would think? Women in Manhattan can wear whatever they like. She could wear whatever she likes. She could start dressing for the century she's in, not the one she came from.

Well. She could, if she had the first clue where to begin.

Greta pauses her current knitting project - a scarf for the Balladeer - then glances sidelong at Iman. "How are you for winter clothes?" she asks, her tone as casual as she can make it.
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"Hm?" Iman has been fiddling with her arm. She has not managed to decide how she feels about having it fully restored, as if by magic, and has been compensating with that uncertainty by attempting to explore the possibility of new features, or upgrading old ones. It's been a while since she needed to fuck around with the molecular structure of her environment, which is a small blessing, but who knows? She looks up, distracted, at the scarf, then at Greta, her question registering belatedly.

"Oh. Yeah, I need to go shopping at some point. Been making do with my jacket but it's not cutting it anym- You need clothes." She sits up a little straighter, fixing Greta with an intent, definitely-not-manic stare. "Of course you do. Do you want to go get some? Do you want to go right now?"

She's not sure why she's so excited about this, but she'll take even sourceless excitement. She unearths herself from the blanket and recovers her headscarf, wrapping her hair up rather perfunctorily as she smiles down at her girlfriend. Her girlfriend.
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Iman smiles gently as Greta gets up and fusses a bit, over her skirt and then over her hijab. The smile widens, along with her eyes, as Greta's nervous chatter solidifies into a clear implication.

"You want to wear pants?! You want to wear pants." Iman is beaming. She grabs Greta's hands. "Greta Baker," she says solemnly, "I would be honored to accompany you on your first trouser experience. I take this duty very seriously."

She does. She suspects her enthusiasm about this is a little weird, but things are still normalizing after all the consecutive messes they've been in, the idea of doing something so mundane and fun and... and domestic is just too good.
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"We shall," says Iman, giving Greta's hand a little squeeze. She waits while Greta locks the door, then guides her over to the elevator bank.

"You might not like pants," she concedes. "I mean, I prefer skirts myself. It's just..."

She sets her hand at the small of Greta's back before casually straying downward. "They can be very... complimentary."

The elevator opens before Iman can snatch her hand away, revealing a reasonably handsome but unreasonably dirty young man who very clearly sees what just happened there.

He looks up at them, immediately sheepish, which Iman finds precious. He acts like he's never seen PDA before.

"Hi!" she says. "Getting off?"

"S-sorry, yeah." He trips his way around them but seems hesitant to leave. "Sorry, are - are you guys rifties?"
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Iman puts a hand over her mouth to hide her grin from Greta's disapproving eyes, but can't stop herself from laughing at 'uncouth.'

"Are you new?" she asks the man, who seems to have recovered from his initial bewilderment and is now smiling at them. Anyone who thinks they're cute is okay in her book.

"Yeah," he says. "I, uh, live here now. My name's Castor."

"Well." Iman reaches out to catch the elevator doors. "Sorry to meet and run, friendo, but we're on a date. An uncouth date."

"Oh, okay," he says, eyebrows lifted slightly. "Have fun?"

Iman smiles as she pulls her hand back and lets the doors slip shut.

She presses the button for the ground floor and finally peeks up at Greta.

"I'm sorry," she squeaks, though she can't stop grinning.
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Iman meets her eyes and matches her sobriety, resting an equally earnest hand over hers. "We've come too far," she says. "We'll just have to muddle through as best we can." She gives Greta's hand a fond pat and then turns to head outside. "But rest assured, I am taking this very seriously. This is a sacred duty I've been called to do."

She shudders and tugs her jacket around herself as soon as she passes into the chilly outdoors. "First order of business is coats, though." She links arms with Greta and huddles close. "Guess we'll just have to pool our warmth until we get there."
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It's the time of year Jack normally likes best, when winter has finally taken hold in the half of the world he thinks of as home, but the promise of Christmas still hangs in the air. Normally he'd be causing trouble in Russia, or playing with the skiers in Colorado...or stopping in to give the children of Burgess a snow day. Maybe this year he would've gone up to the pole and pestered North into letting him watch the preparations or drive the sleigh, now that the yetis don't kick him out of the workshop on sight anymore.

The trouble with having friends is that it hurts even more after you lose them than it did to be alone in the first place.

He's doing that thing it always frustrated him to see kids doing when there was a perfectly good winter day outside for playing: he's messing around on his smartphone. Anyone who could see him might notice, though, that he doesn't look like he's particularly enjoying his attempt to beat his previous Fruit Ninja score; his expression is all but grim as he lounges in the bare branches of a sidewalk tree, poking and swiping at the little screen.

The sound of a familiar voice makes him start and look up (er, down) from what he's doing, fruit flying off the screen uncut. He suddenly doesn't care, though, because he's spotted Greta walking arm in arm with a woman he doesn't recognize. And maybe this is a private moment or something, but it's not like that's stopped Jack before...and unlike the last time he saw Greta, she's smiling.

As they come nearer, Jack turns over on the branch to lay on his belly, one arm dangling. "Greta! You're not having fun without me, are you?"
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She startles when Greta breaks their pleasant silence with an apparent non sequitor, and looks at her in confusion only to find her looking up and talking to... a tree? For a very real minute she thinks this is some kind of Disney princess moment and she is addressing a woodland creature, but there's nothing.

Greta notices her looking and explains herself, and the explanation is... well. Iman gives her a bemused smile, not altogether certain she's not being teased, before deciding this is way too specific for that. It isn't even the weirdest thing the rift has brought them, so.

"Okay," she says slowly, warming up to the idea. "That's... huh." What kind of belief, exactly? She doesn't think Greta is lying to her, but is that enough? She looks hesitantly up at the branch, trying to imagine... well, what, what does 'Jack Frost' even look like, what form does he take? In trying to visualize something she sees a flicker of movement, light reacting differently, but it doesn't stick.

She tries to concentrate. There is someone in this tree, and it is definitely Jack Frost. All Jack Frosts, or just one possible iteration of the myth? Myth probably isn't a good way to think about him if she's trying to convince herself this is really happening.

Ultimately she's not sure what does it when he abruptly is visible, a young boy lounging in the tree.

"Oh," she blurts. "What the - Shit, how does that even - It's so subjective!" She wishes she could have taken measurements somehow. Monitored her brainwaves, or his? Does he know when someone 'believes' in him adequately, is it something he can turn on when they've proven... Well, she could ask, but it probably wouldn't be polite right away. Difficult to anticipate this sort of thing. Does this mean everyone passing them by sees them both talking animatedly to a tree? Most New Yorkers don't give a shit about that kind of thing.

She realizes she's staring. "Hi!" She extends a hand suddenly. "I'm Iman."
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He's going to have to start trying to catch Greta when she's out with people he doesn't know on purpose, because the look on her friend's face is priceless. Jack doesn't call Greta's attention to it, just watches and grins and laughs when she realizes what she's done.

It's less funny when Iman -- that name is familiar, and he looks sharply to Greta when he remembers why -- when Iman tries to see him. Even if it worked with the Balladeer before, there's a sick, twisting feeling in his gut as he feels sure it won't work again no matter how seriously she stares in his general direction. He tries to hide his nervousness with a little snort of amusement before he schools his own expression to mirror Iman's for Greta's benefit, staring back in a mockery of equal seriousness and "HMM"-ing loudly at her.

And then it happens, again, and he doesn't hide his surprise and delight one bit even if his chuckle gets nervous again when she doesn't stop staring. "Jack Frost," he reiterates, glancing down for only a moment before fluidly letting himself fall out of the tree. A breeze kicks up momentarily as he lands lightly on his bare feet, staff in one hand as he shakes her hand with the other. "But you already got that. That was pretty quick for a grown-up."
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Iman lifts an eyebrow at everything - the graceful tumble from the tree, the staff, the 'for a grown-up' - before letting go his hand and looking up at Greta.

"It's fascinating," she says. "I'd really like to know how that works." She looks back at Jack. "Children get it quicker, I take it? Because they're..." She doesn't want to say impressionable, but that's kind of what she means. It makes sense Greta and Gabe could do it - they're already from magical places. "Is that how it works where you're from?"
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"Me? Get into trouble? I'm hurt, Greta, I'm really hurt."

He rolls a shoulder in a shrug. "Yeah, I mean -- there's lots of stuff people stop believing in when they grow up and start thinking they know everything." And lots of things most kids don't believe in to begin with, he doesn't add. It's weird that the people he's met here have all been adults, though the part with the angel makes sense to him.

"Where were you going?" he asks, eager to change the subject. "Anywhere fun? Anywhere I could make fun?"
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Iman opens and closes her mouth once. She's not sure what to say. She doesn't want to dismiss this supremely interesting friend of Greta's, but inviting a magical child along to their very special shopping date sort of goes against her plans to objectify Greta as much as possible. Still, the arm around her waist is nice, and she tips her head against Greta's, smiling.

"What's your particular brand of fun, exactly?" she asks, one eyebrow cocked.
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"Yeah?" Jack brightens at the possibility of being introduced to another new person. He'd brighten more if he knew Steven was a kid.

Clothes shopping, though, is considerably less interesting. "," he says in a way that utterly fails to mean anything other than the opposite of the words spoken. To Iman, he asks, "Ever heard of a little thing called a snow day? That's usually me."
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"Oh, I see," says Iman with a wry smile. "I could have used more of those when I was in school." Her smile softens as she glances back at Greta. "If snow gets bad enough, school gets canceled, kids get to wreak havoc. It's a widely coveted event where I'm from, evidently here, too. Although... maybe you could hold off until we've got proper coats."

As if on command, a chilly gust of wind rolls back and she shivers, pulling closer to Greta. They really ought to keep moving, but she still has questions, and curiosity is usually the winning force with her. "So when you got here, did you just... take control of the weather, or do you just influence it here and there?" She wonders if the rift would have a thing or two to say about that.
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Jack gives a confused little frown at the question. Take control? "No," he says hesitantly. "I don't...control winter. I it along. Make it more interesting."

So that'd be influence it here and there. "You sure you have to go shopping right now?" he asks. "I mean, look at this weather. You'll be missing out."
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"Ooh, yes," Iman agrees, smiling contentedly to herself as Greta hugs her from behind, practically purring. "I definitely want to see some things. Just. After we have coats." After she gets to see Greta in pants. It's very important. Jack wouldn't understand.

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