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Deck the Halls [open to multiple]

On the morning of Sunday, the city is free of the heavy snow that had hit it the week before, and a gentle dusting of snow itsfalling. And, if you happen to live in one of the angel-run buildings, you'll find that the entire front of each building has been lit up in festive colors.

On the other side of town, Gabriel is taking a more hands-on approach to decoration. He has a ladder propped up against the side of the building and a big coil of multi-colored lights slung over his shoulder. If things to hang the lights on appear suddenly out of the brick front of the building as he goes, that's just a matter of convenience. Gabriel is in a good mood today. It seems a little strange to be decorating for a holiday that he's not even sure exists in the same way here that it did back in his own universe, but it's nice to be celebrating something after a month of grief and worry and bad decisions.

[ooc: come throw a snowball at gabe's head or help him decorate :3]
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It is very cold, and has been for days, but Cole likes the snow. It's pretty and peaceful, makes things a little quieter sometimes. Until white becomes water, and wets the roads, and those caravans that move so fast and loud and contain so much tightness and impatience start to shriek against the soaked streets. But right now it's all right.

He's exploring, because he likes to, because he can't think of a single thing to do in his little home that doesn't really belong to him. There is some kind of thing happening - he can feel it in the air and the people, sees it in the strange lights on his tower, in shop windows. Not everyone is preparing for it, but a great many are, and they are somehow brim-filled with both excitement and dread. Cole does not know what to make of it.

He ambles down the streets, watching and listening, waiting for something to strike him, until something finally does - it is familiar, the mind of the creature Gabriel who he met under such sorrowful circumstances. He is lighter now; the pain is still there, but it is quiet, content to rest a while. He is happy.

He approaches and looks up, finding the man-who-is-not-a-man up a ladder and attaching lights to a small tower. More of a house, he supposes, but no one seems to call them houses here.

"I like the colors," he offers from the ground.
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Cole tilts his head to think about it. "No," he decides. "I was just looking. Gabriel." He shifts his weight slowly from foot to foot. "I'm Cole. You remember."

It's not a question. Some people don't remember him - most people don't, here. But then others do. It isn't surprising that Gabriel remembers. His mind is different. Bigger, brighter, busier. He remembers things much older than his body. He is very strange. Cole wants to ask him about it, but feels he shouldn't.

"How do they light up?" he asks instead. "Is it magic?"
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"Oh!" Cole nods attentively. He doesn't understand the part with all the magnets and steam and wind and wires but he knows electricity. "It's storm magic. My friend, the Inquisitor, he uses it all the time. Never to make little colorful lights." Varric calls Dorian 'sparkler' sometimes, but that's not the same thing either. He wonders if any mages have ever thought to do this, use their lightning to make lights.

"Are you an apostate?" he asks curiously. "A mage, I mean." He's encountered a few people with magic but no one seems to know what he means by 'apostate'. He thinks it might be better than way.
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"Yes," says Cole. "You are very bright. Too bright. I had a friend who was too bright, but he was just a person underneath. You're much more. Too much to see." He shifts his weight, fingers fiddling restlessly with each other. Corypheus was powerful like this, but dark, hard, sharp and red inside. Cruel power, harsh shadows, overwhelming want. Gabriel is sad, soft, tired. He wants to go home. They all want to go home. But Gabriel does not belong here more than the others. He should not be tethered to this body, this earth.

"I felt like this for a while," he murmurs on his own train of consciousness. "Caught, confused and cowering, not in the Fade and not in the real world. Then my friend helped me become more human. But people still forget me here. It's like I've gone backwards." His eyes land on Gabriel once again, refocusing. "You remembered. I knew you would."
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"Yes," murmurs Cole of his own insightfulness. It always takes getting used to. He understands that, better now than he did before, when he was caught between, Fade and feeling. Gabriel hasn't met something like him in a long time, but it will come back, old habits like still water below the earth.

The invitation is kind and welcome. Cole manages a little smile of his own and nods once. "I would like that," he says. "My friend The Iron Bull gave me hot chocolate once, when I was learning how to eat and drink. It was very good. I liked it."

Babbling as he follows Gabriel inside. Cold is something he can endure, but warmth is nicer, comforting. They're going upstairs, but there are many memories here, in the rooms around them. Old, drifted away and gone, of loneliness and addiction, the taking of gifts and giving them away. Newer, present but not here, heavy with fear and doubt, heart blackened by a thousand bad memories, but Gabriel is a light that shines through the darkness, he makes it better. Something terrible happened to this house once, something that made it blue, but now it's fixed.

Cole says nothing as he follows Gabriel up.
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Cole wonders what The Iron Bull would think of a creature like Gabriel. He would seem a demon to many of Cole's friends, as he himself had. But The Iron Bull liked him in spite of his fear. He would probably like Gabriel as well. A friend in an unfamiliar form, gentle, jesting - they would share jokes that would make the Inquisitor groan, Dorian uncomfortable, and Varric laugh. He can feel it. All he says is, "Yes." Thinking about The Iron Bull and the Inquisitor Dorian and Varric makes him sad.

He follows Gabriel through to his dwelling and immediately crouches down to meet Scout.

"He knows he doesn't need to guard you," says Cole softly, letting Scout sniff his fingers. He's delighted to meet the dog; dogs are wonderful, friendly, compassionate. "You are powerful and you take care of him. He doesn't protect; he loves." He moves his hands gently over Scout's fur, scratching behind his ears and on top of his head. "I'm Cole."
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"Oh," murmurs Cole when Gabriel shuts himself out. It's jarring, like a window suddenly shut tight, the glass dirty, difficult to see through. There's no anger or fear behind it; Gabriel isn't afraid of him. He doesn't need to forget. Cullen and Vivienne wish they could put up walls to block him out. Sometimes he wishes it wasn't so easy to hear them. This is all right. It will help him be like a normal person, at least a little.

He follows Gabriel over, peering with interest at the cocoa. "It came out of nothing," he exclaims after a moment. "It wasn't real except in our heads, and then you made it real. I've never met a spirit who could do that! At least, not outside the Fade."

He crouches down on the floor by the table, reaches out his hand to feel the cup. Warm, welcoming, warming his hands. Familiar, like the Iron Bull. "There's even the Orlesian guimauves," he remarks, noting the - Gabriel called them marshmallows.

He looks back, catching Gabriel's eye under the brim of his hat. "How did you do that?"
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If it's magic, it's unlike any he's ever seen. It doesn't feel like magic and Gabriel doesn't feel like a mage. It could be he pulls things from the Fade and puts them here, but to pull so perfectly and present with such precision, it doesn't seem possible. People believe that only the Maker can create. Cole can't feel it now, but he remembers feeling Gabriel's loneliness, the last of the Maker's first children. Maybe Cassandra would know better what he is.

"I don't think so," he says. "We have spirits, and demons, and gods, but the gods might also be spirits. I thought you were a spirit, but now I'm not sure. I'm a spirit, or part of me is, but I can't make anything new. I heal hurts. I help people. It was easier before."

Before being human, before coming here. Both are true, but Cole keeps them close for now. Being human has taught him care, and not being able to feel Gabriel makes him think he should be quieter, to make balance in how much they reveal. Being a person is complicated.
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"Yes," Cole says after a moment's hesitation. "I couldn't keep being what I was before. I was... in between, both real and not, watching, helping, but no one could see me unless I let them see me, and even then, they forgot. I made friends. The Inquisitor, Varric, the Iron Bull..." And one who's just a scratch in the back of his head now, can't remember, not right. Doesn't matter. He shakes his head quickly. He doesn't like thinking about the scratch.

"They remembered me. They helped me. Bad things could have happened to me if I'd stayed the way I was. They could have helped me become more like I what I was... a spirit, flitting, fading, forgotten, just Compassion without confusion, but the Inquisitor wanted me to grow. They helped me become more human. Now people see me. It's harder to help, but... I remember who I am, I remember my friends." Most of them. "I can learn. Change." He takes a tentative sip of the hot cocoa. It's sweet. Rich. Real. "I can eat and drink. It's strange, but, nice."
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Johnny smiles when he sees the decorations on their building. Looks like someone's getting into the spirit of the holiday, at least. Christmas has never been much of a big deal for Johnny - all his LA Christmases were generally crass affairs - but he imagines Gabe probably has some interesting baggage about the whole thing.

He steps into his apartment just to drop off his stuff and pick up Yarrow before heading up to Gabe's place. He enters without knocking, as usual, and at first thinks Gabe is alone on the couch before he spots the... giant hat sitting next to him.

"Oh." He stops, and a very pale, creepy-eyed face peeks up at him from under the comically huge brim. There's something you don't see every day. "Sorry, I didn't know we were having guests."

Which is a dumb thing to say. It's not like they had specific plans. It's not even like he lives here in this apartment. But he enjoys saying it anyway, that sort of domestic kick of we, like of course, why wouldn't they be privy to each other's plans?

"You're very loud," says the boy, his eyes even wider than before.

"Uh." He frowns. No, he's pretty sure he was talking at an entirely normal volume. "Sorry?"

"In your head," says the boy, and he gets up, half-clambering over the sofa to come closer to Johnny. "It's full of noise. A bad song from a bad place. It hurt you. But he helps." He looks back at Gabe, then at Johnny. "He keeps you floating, flying just above all the dark and hurt. Oh, sorry. You want me to stop. Sorry." He dips his head back down, hiding his face under the hat. "I'm Cole."

Johnny maintains a dry stare at the kid for several moments before finally looking at Gabe. "Cool friend you got," he says.

"I like your rabbit," Cole offers.

"You wanna hold him?" Yarrow is generally pretty chill around new people, and Cole seems... harmless, in spite of that largely unwelcome dive he just took in Johnny's head. At least he had some nice things to say. Could have been worse.

"Yes," Cole says excitedly, and opens his hands to accept the little rabbit. Yarrow cuddles right up to him, and Cole holds him like he's a precious object. Okay, that's pretty cute. Johnny smirks and proceeds over to the couch. "I like your decorations," he says, dropping down next to Gabe and leaning over to give him a kiss.
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cw: mentions of suicide ideation

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The walls are down again. Gabriel reaches out, not to Cole, but to Johnny, wanting to find, feel, enfold. Johnny has walls of his own; not just the ashy dark things grown up inside him but the carvings in his bones, Gabriel put them there to keep Gabriel out - why? So Gabriel can protect him, so Johnny can hide - why?

Cole doesn't understand.

"I'd love some," Johnny says to Gabriel, and smiles as he takes the mug. He likes to show Gabriel he's happy, so Gabriel will know how much he helps. Johnny remembers being awake and afraid, alone in the dark, monsters murmuring under madness, head held down in the blue house that was both real and not (like Cole, but not like Cole, he is not like that, he doesn't take and take and take. The house devoured; Cole only listens). Johnny remembers when no one cared about him, and now someone does care, someone so bright it aches. Johnny never wants to hurt again, and he never wants to make anyone hurt again, especially not Gabriel.

Johnny remembers what it felt like when Gabriel hurts, when he hurt so much he wanted to be dead, when he tried to be dead, when he came back all broken wings and battered bones. When Johnny left him alone; when Gabriel took a man's heart out of his chest; when the TARDIS was gone and he wouldn't let Johnny help.

Gabriel likes keeping Johnny close, close enough to see, touch, sense. He doesn't understand all the parts that make Johnny Johnny, and he worries it isn't enough; Johnny is so strange and different and has so much darkness in his head; Gabriel has lost so much, so many, again and again and again, and he knows he will lose Johnny too one day. He wants Johnny to feel safe, to stay.

Why did he make it so he can't feel Johnny when he goes away?

Why did he try to leave?

Cole follows Gabriel's eyes, thoughts, to the painting on the wall.

"He doesn't know," he says softly, barely aware of his own voice. There's too much to hear, too much to listen to; he can't keep track of it all, can't keep it all quiet. "You tried to leave. You brought-" He frowns slowly. "You brought him here, your brother. You tried to make him leave, and to - to go with-"

Cole doesn't like thinking about Gabriel's brother. It's hard to think about him, to listen for him. It's a bad sound. His mind drifts over it carefully.

"And you tried to leave."

"Uh." Johnny's looking at him, but Cole can't look away from the painting. "You okay, kid?"

"Why did you try to leave?" Cole turns, fixes his eyes on Gabriel. "I don't understand. You don't want him to hurt but it would have hurt him. You would have died. He doesn't want you to die."

"Gabe?" Johnny lets his gaze slide slowly from Cole to painting to Gabriel. His voice comes out a little strained. Cole has said too much. "What is he talking about?"

Cole takes a faltering step back, still clinging to the rabbit. "Oh," he whispers. "I'm sorry."
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You would have died.

Johnny feels numb; physically numb. His fingertips are buzzing. He barely registers Gabriel hustling Cole out the door, bringing Yarrow over, talking.

He looks up slowly, gazing at him with wide eyes, a fatigued sort of wonder. Gabe's smile is careful and short-lived, then he's looking at Scout, saying words.

"You-" He swallows thickly. "You were trying to banish Lucifer. Right?" He wishes his heart would stop beating so fast. "Please tell me that's what you were doing."

He knows the answer already. He isn't angry. He hopes Gabe doesn't think he's angry. He can't stop thinking about the possibility of coming home one day to find Gabriel nowhere, gone, no explanation, nothing left. His breath hitches and he flicks his gaze away and hunches over, hands sliding into his hair. "You..." he says again before his voice gives out.
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A little while ago Johnny might have flinched at the touch, might have pushed away, paced the room. Now there is only the slightest twitch before he settles into it. He lowers his hands back to his knees and stares at them for a moment, so small and useless.

"Why?" he whispers finally, and turns to look at Gabe, eyes dark and wet. He's not sure he's ready for that answer, if there is one. It's not even fair to ask. He knows firsthand how little sense there often is to these moments, and unless Lucifer forced Gabriel's hand somehow, he's not sure it's an issue he wants to force. "No, wait, when? When did this happen? Were you ever gonna tell me?"

He doesn't want to sound accusatory. Gabe looks nervous, and Johnny wants nothing but to grab onto him, reassure him. I'm not gonna leave you, not ever again. Thinking of it - he did that, he actually did that - makes his chest hurt.

He can't quite manage to say anything more, but he reaches out and touches Gabe's other hand, resting his own over it. Scout twists his head back and starts licking their fingers.
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Johnny softens by degrees. Gabe is frightened - the vividness of it catches Johnny off guard, and then it's pushed back down, held in by a flimsy cover, like a sheet thrown over a burning bush. It makes sense, of course, that this could come so close after heartbreak, and that night - Gabe had seemed off, but Johnny'd been so covered in bruises it hadn't mattered. He'd been off all week. Why should that have raised an alarm.

He should have noticed. He should have asked.

"Gabriel?" He sits a little closer, moves both has hands to Gabe's, enclosing it gently. He leans in, not trying too hard to catch Gabe's eyes, just waiting in case he looks up. "I'm not going anywhere."

He waits, wanting this to sink in. "I'm staying."
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Johnny tracks Gabe's movements in silence for a few moments, just watching him set Scout down and gaze after the dog before finally he makes eye contact.

When he follows up with his escape plan Johnny isn't even surprised. He dips his head down and chuckles softly before his hands drift up to rest gently on either side of Gabe's head, stroking the hair around his ears. "Nice try," he says dryly. "Look, Gabe, you know I'm not gonna just forget about this. We don't have to like... pull the whole thing apart. I don't need to know the details. But I'm not gonna pretend it's all fine."

He drops his hands down to rest on Gabe's shoulders, wanting to pull him forward and just hold onto him, but he needs eye contact for now. "I just... I don't ever want to lose you. I know I'm not - I can't be what she was to you, but... I love you, and I don't want anything to happen to you. I want you to stay just as much as you want me to stay. I know you're not goin anywhere now, but... I only just learned I almost lost you again. You gotta give me a minute."
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Johnny laughs faintly at the suggestion he's getting better at this. That seems weird, or like it can't possibly be true, and yet here he is, handling this veritable bombshell like a goddamn champ. He hesitates for only a moment when Gabe pulls back before he smiles and says, "You got it."

He lifts Yarrow up gently and sets him down on the floor; the rabbit is quite content to wander off for interesting things to sniff. Johnny reflects briefly that he would not be a very good rabbit owner if Daine hadn't been there to tell him not to chew cords.

He crawls over until he's more or less on top of Gabriel, sprawling out with his head resting on his chest, as directed. This is nice. Gabe is cozy, and it's incredibly comforting to just be a weight on him, taking in his warmth, keeping him in place, safe and tucked in.

"You're not goin anywhere," he says, half-joking, as he puts his arms around him.
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Johnny lies there quietly as Gabe tries to explain. If he's being honest with himself the lack of eye contact is just as much a relief to him as it is Gabe. This is hard for Gabe to talk about and hard for him to hear - not just, not even principally because it showcases how small he is and always was next to what the TARDIS could offer, but because it brings further to light how awful this is for Gabe, what a tremendous loss it was. Johnny will probably never fully understand it.

He's quiet for a few moments more after Gabe finishes talking, holding a little tighter onto him. "I understand," he says finally. "I mean, not... I don't think I can understand what you guys had, really, I barely even understood what she was, but... I understand why you - and why you didn't tell me."

He tilts his head up, not quite meeting Gabe's eyes, but looking toward him, focusing idly on his mouth. "I was fucked up for so long, I mean I still am, and... I guess I think I know what you mean, about... losing someone who's your home, I mean, when they took my mom away it was like..." He feels stupid for trying to draw a comparison, embarrassed for bringing it up; his stomach twists and he looks away, settling his head back down on Gabe's chest. "I dunno. I just knew I was never gonna be normal again. I mean she took that away from me before I was old enough to really - and when she was gone so was everything I ever... and yeah, I've been down this road, where you lose everything and it kinda just makes sense to go with it."

He feels uneasy saying all this. Wants to brush it aside. "But I have you now, and you're more like home than anyone's ever been, and... I just wish I could be more, or... I don't know what I'm saying anymore."

That's not really true, he knows exactly what he's saying, he's just run out of the will to say it. This is making his skin crawl, like when he had to get used to being in love with Gabriel, saying it aloud, hearing it echoed back to him. It's still so hard to accept that any of this is real, and he has no idea how much going through his bullshit is even helpful here.

"I'm sorry," he mumbles. "I don't know what else to say."
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"It's okay," Johnny says quickly, relieved to have that well-worn conversational path come up after so much weighty confession. Reassurance is an easy thing to jump to. He has no idea how to respond to any of the rest of it - being a kind of home for Gabe, for anyone, is not something he could possibly have predicted for himself, it's a future he didn't think he had. It makes him happy, which is a weird feeling, and he has no idea how to express it other than to hold on a little tighter, to smile quietly to himself, to tell him it's okay. "It's okay," he says again, for good measure, stroking his hand along Gabe's arm. He lies there for a long moment, letting their breathing synchronize, trying to get used to feeling this good.

"Now I really don't know what to say," he admits on a nervous giggle. "Being that for somebody... like... being 'home', it's kind of, uh, antithetical to me as a concept. But I'm... I'm glad that I can be that. Cause I like having you around."

He pushes himself up on his elbows, folding his arms across Gabe's chest and smiling at him. "I'm sorry about the mess."
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Johnny lets his eyes fall shut when Gabriel touches him, feeling unusually serene even as the corners of his mouth tic up at the little joke. When his eyes open again they fall upon Gabe and he has the odd and briefly dizzying sensation of seeing him for the first time. Gabriel, Archangel of the Lord, the third who is set over all the powers, patron of messengers, clerics, stamp collections - this goofy fucking nerd smiling up at him, this overwhelming divine being finding solace in him, Johnny of the fake last name - what would his mother say? Would Pelafina be proud to know he's dating a real honest-to-God angel?

Why should he care what she thinks? Why is he even thinking about her?

He blinks, refocuses - he figures his mind has only wandered for a moment but he still feels like he's waking up and it's obvious he's been somewhere else. He smiles, sort of embarrassed at himself, then he leans in toward Gabe and kisses him. This is it, this is the whole point: that old world isn't home anymore, can't shackle him anymore, and yes Gabe is overwhelmingly complex but he's also beautifully simple, just this guy who loves Johnny more than Johnny ever thought anyone would, could. Gabe is home.

He shifts up slightly, letting his hands come to rest on either side of Gabe's head, thumbs brushing the soft edges of his ears, fingers sliding into his hair. He pulls back and regards Gabe with a smile that's both playful and amazed.

"Uhh," he says, a little breathless. "Hi."
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Johnny snorts out a laugh at that - being turned into a duck will never not be a ridiculous possibility, regardless of how often that kind of thing seems to happen around here - and then softens again into a smile when he sees the avalanche of words from the kid who started all this. He takes the phone to skim through it a few times. It's a little embarrassing, seeing their feelings laid out like that, like Cole can just see into their hearts even better than they can.

"Man, what's his deal?" he asks, handing the phone back. "Is he like... psychic?"

Ordinarily that would scare him, but he can't find it in himself to harbor any resentment toward Cole, since without him he doesn't know when he'd have found out about what Gabe tried to do. That doesn't need to be mentioned. Johnny shifts back off Gabe to allow him to sit up, but keeps his hands close, on his shoulder, on his thigh, the back of his neck, wherever it feels natural to drift. He wants to stay close, in contact.
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Well, Cole isn't the only one who has reserves about the so-called 'emojis'. Johnny smirks at the line full of cartoon faces and is about to say something to that effect when Gabe's weight is eased back against him, and all that becomes suddenly very unimportant. Johnny closes his eyes and smiles, just enjoying the moment for what it is, or trying to, trying to accept it with an open hand and not cling so tightly as to break it. It's nice. It's his. He lets his fingers curl and uncurl gently around Gabe's arm, not gripping, just a light, easy touch.

When Gabe pulls back and speaks again it's a little jarring, not just the loss of contact but what he's saying.

"Oh," says Johnny softly, and he can't keep his expression from slipping into something sad, or maybe uneasy. He's not sure what to say. He reaches up and takes Gabe's hand, pulling it gently from his hair and down to his mouth, kissing his knuckles. Stupidly romantic. Just feels like the thing to do.

"That must have been..." He's not sure what. Feels like a sentence he shouldn't even have started. His eyes dart down; he keeps a grip on Gabe's hand, waiting for him to fill in the blanks.
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Daine's noticed some holiday decorating while making her rounds. It's fair pretty, but also bittersweet - a not entirely welcome reminder that she's almost been here a year. She didn't pay much attention to the holiday the last time around, and she's not entirely sure what it's about. It seems to fall around Midwinter, but they never did so much build-up to it back home.

They also didn't light up entire fronts of buildings. She eyes Gabriel's handiwork as she returns from a walk with the dogs. Well, she doesn't know it's Gabriel, but it doesn't seem like the sort of thing Aziraphale would do, and the list of other Rifties who could manage such a thing isn't that long.

After getting the dogs settled back in her apartment, Daine slips out the window in crow shape and wings her way over to Gabriel's building to see if it's lit up like the others. It isn't, quite, but Gabriel's out on a ladder and hanging up lights. Daine perches on a nearby windowsill and eyes his handiwork, impressed and a little bewildered.

"Wat's dis?" she asks in her crow voice.
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One of the perks of being in crow shape is that her face doesn't betray any awkwardness Daine might feel. She hasn't really seen Gabriel since she found him in the Ramble. It's good to see him looking happy, though. And while the lights are a bit dramatic, it's not as if he's causing any harm.

She tips her head to examine the string of tiny, colored bulbs a bit more closely. "Pretty," she pronounces them, giving one of the lights a gentle tap with her beak. "Wat's kriss-mas?" She's seen the word before, and gathered it's the name of the holiday, but it doesn't mean anything to her. "Izzit like Midwinterr?"
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Daine blinks, slightly taken aback by this news. It's hard to imagine anyone hijacking any of the gods' festivals back home. Of course, the fact that the gods could make their displeasure known would put a damper on any of that nonsense. Near as she can tell, the gods in this universe may as well not exist, and Gabriel's story just seems to prove it.

The bit that really gives her pause, though, is gift-giving. Maybe she shouldn't be surprised - it was part of Midwinter, and it seems some of those traditions have survived - but she missed Christmas last year, and assumed no one here would celebrate Midwinter like they all did in Tortall. It had seemed unfair (and potentially embarrassing) to try and keep her realm's more public traditions alive with folk who don't know about any of them. What would the point have been, aside from making her homesick?

But if folk still do some of these things, it wouldn't be so out of place if she did, too.

"We did giff-tzz," she muses, now considering what to get all of her friends here. Goddess, she might have started sooner if she'd known... but there's still plenty of time.

For the moment, she eyes Gabriel's somewhat precarious set-up, then the string of lights. "Can I help?" she asks. If nothing else, she might be able to carry that string of lights along, and there's only so far Gabriel can reach before he'd have to move the ladder (which he could doubtless do as easy as blinking, but still).