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Let's Go [Closed]

Dr. Jillian Holtzmann lands flat on her back, a stunned smile on her face. Whoops. She was not anticipating such a dramatic reaction. An exhilarated giggle escapes her, part of her brain already buzzing with the adjustments she'll need to make to prevent another blow-up like that. But she doesn't get very far before she registers, through her soot-smeared goggles, that there's open sky above her. Oh, shit. Was she actually blown outside? Good thing no one else was in the lab, but god, the collateral damage -- her toys...

She heaves herself up into a sit, one arm cradling the prototype for a new-and-improved PKE meter. There's an unseasonable nip in the air, sending a pulse of surprise surging through her. Is this... did she actually make it to Michigan? Her free hand shoves her goggles up onto her forehead, clearing her vision, and she sighs at the familiar skyline. Still New York. Michigan would have been a hell of a story to tell the rest of the team, though.

Then again, this is shaping up to be a pretty decent story in its own right. She's nowhere near headquarters. Whatever just happened, it sent her all the way to Bryant Park.

... It is really cold out. Granted, dicking around with the PKE meter was pretty distracting, and she didn't check the weather this morning, but this seems extreme for September. But hey, it's a short walk to Grand Central. She left her phone and wallet on her work bench, but Abby will take a collect call. It'll be hilarious. Collect calls are still a thing you can do, right?

Hell, worst case scenario, she can just walk. She's farther from HQ than a standard (survivable) explosion could send her, but she's not that far.

She looks down at the prototype. It's in a sad state, all blackened on one side, but most of the damage appears to be cosmetic. Once she's back in her lab (presuming it's not a smoldering ruin, but she's not seeing smoke or hearing sirens from that general direction, so that's promising), she'll have it patched up and polished in no time.

Holtzmann gets to her feet, not even bothering to brush at the soot coating most of her front (with the exception of a prototype-shaped clean spot where the PKE meter took the brunt of it). She probably looks like some kind of dystopian chimney sweep. Oh, well. She notes a passer-by's startled glance, and gives them a wry grin and a salute. "I'm okay!" she yells for good measure. "I'm a professional!" A few other strangers look her way, so she adds, "Don't try this at home, kids."

Well, there's the PR for today wrangled like a boss. Holtzmann flips the PKE prototype up to rest on her shoulder, then swaggers off towards Grand Central Station.
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It is not difficult to spot new rifties under normal circumstances. Unseasonable (sometimes completely insensible) clothes, wide-eyed fear or confusion or, occasionally, excitement, that sort of uncertain meandering. The dirty jumpsuited blond carrying some unrecognizable tech is another story entirely. Iman zeroes in on her like a dog smelling food. Jumpsuit! Goggles! Haircut! A queer scientist, possibly a mad queer scientist, is like a long-overdue gift she'd forgotten she'd even ordered arriving suddenly at her door in a battered box. She practically trips over herself in her haste to catch up with the wayward woman.

"Hi! Hey!" She waves as she finally comes up to the newbie, her cheeks flushed from the cold, her grin a little bit too cheerful. She doesn't have a plan for this, and it's been a while since her last disastrous effort to welcome someone into the fold (poor Kirk, she still hasn't checked in on him, she's such a mess), so when it becomes clear to her she doesn't have a prepared follow-up statement, she just wings it: "Hi, I'm Iman, dimensional physicist, empirical alchemist, I recognized your-" She accompanies this with an extremely vague gesture encompassing the whole of the woman before blundering on, "-science. Are you aware you just jumped into a different plane of existence?"

This is so exciting. She should probably stop grinning now.
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"Me? Oh gosh, no." Iman snorts and waves her hand as if flattered at the suggestion. She's still so giddy over proton wrangler she's having trouble finding her conversational feet. "I only do that to me. I mean that's how I got here. It was a whole thing. Most people get pulled in by the rift." She eyes Holtzmann like she might study a specimen, waiting for a reaction. Did she know about the rift - perhaps not what it was, but that some phenomenon existed? Was she messing with it from the other side? When is an appropriate time to ask if she did some reckless maneuver that wound her up here? Iman would put money on that, and it would make Holtzmann a scientist after her heart.

"Can I buy you a drink?" she says brightly.
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"Heck no," says Iman brightly. "Come on. We'll figure out where to park you and your equipment for your stay." A little too friendly and fun for how shitty Holtzmann's new situation is, but she's having trouble mitigating her inappropriate glee. She leads Holtzmann down another street, heading toward a bar that won't balk at the fancy science shit. Iman's in there often enough.

"So, plugged it up, you say," she says with an incisive stare. "I can almost guarantee that whatever rift you're talking about isn't our rift." One brief guess at how attempting to plug that asshole up and she's already suffering a brief, unwelcome surge of bad memory, ghosting pain in her arm, fear of imminent lonely death. Hahhhh okay enough of that. She shakes it off rather visibly and says, "They might have been connected though. Tell me about it."
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"Wow, damn," says Iman mildly. "Don't you just hate it when guys go around shattering barriers to the spectral plane? I mean, really." Like she's some beacon of responsible science, but this sounds more of a chaotic evil gig. At least she does things for chaotic good.

"The problem with our rift is not so much opening or closing," she says. "It's... cooperation, I guess. Not really its forte. It's kind of a vindictive bastard. Here, let's get a drink in you and I can give you the rundown on what to expect. Some of it's fun. Some of it's not." She directs Holtzmann to the easily missed bar entrance, where she throws a nod at the bartender. He gives Holtzmann and her equipment a brief, dubious glance, then rolls his eyes at Iman and just shrugs.

"That's Vinny," she says. "We're best buds. Here, you want a booth? More space."
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"Yes and yes," says Iman, folding her hands neatly on the table. "It's more than a rift, honestly, if I had to try and describe it in Euclidean terms, well... I think of it more like a dome. It has barriers that keep us within the bounds of Manhattan. It runs the full perimeter of the island and cuts off on the bridges and the waterfronts. I know at least one person who's tried to fly out and that didn't work either. You can get hurt pretty bad if you mess around with the borders."

She grimaces faintly at that shitshow of a memory and quickly brushes it aside. "If you wanna get real anti-technical we could get away with describing it as a demi-god, or the guardian of this pocket dimension, which it treats like its own personal sandbox. We're the toys. I've gotten to the point where I think of the Rift as much more of a living entity than as a phenomenon. We're... I guess you could say we've got some history, it and I."

One of the servers chooses this moment to drop by the table, and Iman swings toward her with a sudden bright smile. "Sup Sharmine!" she says. "I'll have a campari and orange juice, seeing as it's still technically brunch, and for my lovely companion...?"