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It's almost nearly getting close to counting down to Solstice [closed]

Sunshine's first proverbial taste of a (comparatively) northern winter has left her, for the most part, unimpressed. The snow lends the city a sort of postcard charm, until it doesn't - the traffic churns it into a grotty mess, and even clean snow soaks into the hem of your jeans. And it's cold. There's really nothing to redeem the cold.

Which isn't to say the electric blanket hasn't done its best. And it really is fantastic, but it lives on the bed, and Sunshine can't live on the bed with it (tempting as that might be). So, she's thinking: more blankets. Maybe some additional cushions. More tea. More stuff that she can use to make the rest of her apartment feel cozy.

Plus, the winter solstice is approaching. That isn't what the locals are celebrating, specifically - or if it is, it's near the bottom of the pile of holidays that seem to coincidentally fall at about the same frigging time. What are the odds? Maybe she should just be grateful that most of the customs she'd expect to see have transferred over. She (and her pocketbook) would have survived a lack of gifts exchanged, but it would have been kind of depressing, and winter is depressing enough already. She can pick up a few things for her new bakeshop family, and her new rifty family.

Mid-way through her bundling process, it occurs to her that Spike might be in the market for some essentials. She fishes her phone out of her purse and fires off a quick text: I'm going shopping. Need anything?
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Today, Spike had gotten dressed and was fully prepared to go by the bookshop as usual. A step outside made him change his mind. It's cold, and he didn't feel like treking down to the bookshop just to sit in the cold once he gets there. What's more, it's Sunshine's day off, so no lovely distractions would be around to break up the day. And maybe not even Aziraphale, since he hasn't been much for conversation lately. Altogether a great day to stay home, and maybe to go visit Sunshine later.

He's back in his apartment watching TV with Scheherazade purring away on his chest when he gets Sunshine's text. He wouldn't be quick to admit it, but he loves being included in little domestic things like this. It's nice that she thinks of him.

He wonders if she'd mind him tagging along. He shoots back: Don't know. Want some company? Hopefully that'll be open ended enough for her to say no if she wants to go shopping on her own, but he'd really love to go with her.
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Spike texts back that he'll meet her in the lobby, but when the elevator opens for him Sunshine is standing there. Besides his usual coat, his only allowance he's made for the weather is a pair of black fingerless gloves. It's also the only allowance he can make, since his wardrobe has only expanded by a few items since he arrived in this universe earlier this year.

"Sunshine." He walks in and leans next to her in the elevator, then dips his head to kiss her cheek. He realizes now that he'd not even asked what kind of shopping Sunshine had in mind. For all he knows she's just popping out for milk, but that's alright with him. It's good to see her, whatever the reason is. "Where are we going?"