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Well, rain isn't the worst thing that could have happened. This was meant to be the day Daine helped her set up the new hive, and it wouldn't be impossible in the rain, but it doesn't feel very welcoming, and it wouldn't allow Bee to spend all her time up on the roof like she would wish. And no one would want to come up to join her! That wouldn't do at all.

She'd sat in her apartment for a while, picking at the book Spike gave her, alternately pouting at the rainbeaten window and staring glumly at the ceiling - wondering if she should try to foist her company on one of her new friends - before she finally decided to snap herself out of it on her own. Which is how she found herself in the park, in the downpour.

Shoeless and armed with an umbrella she just bought from a convenient little sidewalk kiosk, Bee marches through the puddles, enjoying the smell and sound of rainfall, willing herself to feel better. This is certainly preferable to sitting inside. And if the weather clears up tomorrow, then she can set up her hive, and all will be well.

There aren't as many walkers out as usual, given the conditions, but it's not too long before she gets a glimpse of the telltale Rift-patterns - another rifty nearby. She focuses her gaze, seeing a young woman walking a dog - oh, how sweet, wearing a matching raincoat and little boots! Bee's delighted by the sight, so she comes a little closer, focusing on the dog, and - no, no, not a dog at all. It came through the Rift as well - and it isn't of this world. She stops and frowns intently. What on earth?

She comes a little closer, deeply curious, discerning scales and teeth beneath the raincoat, and...

A name flashes through her head: Quarkbeast!

Suddenly she remembers her dream - so real and so eventful, so many people she'd met! And the little man, Aglet, who told her about his friend and her Quarkbeast, who eats metal - what was her name? Jennifer? Yes, Jennifer.

No amount of practiced social grace and keep Bee from hurrying up in excitement and exclaiming, "Are you Jennifer?" to the unsuspecting fellow rifty.
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On the morning of May 6th, 2013, the citizens of Rift York will awaken to find themselves with a new and unexpected roommate. Or two. Or five. The good news: these new roommates don't eat much, they're quiet, and they're pretty adorable. The bad news: no one asked for their homes to be overrun by Angora rabbits.

The rift isn't in the habit of giving people what they ask for, though, so you're just going to have to deal with these bunnies everywhere until the evening of May 8th, when they will disappear as mysteriously and suddenly as they arrived. In the meantime, you might consider them a goodwill gesture from a rift that isn't always so kind. The rabbits seem to be most heavily concentrated in areas where rifties are staying, after all. While Manhattan at large might not appreciate the full extent of the bunnypocalypse, the rifties will find the creatures quite difficult to avoid.

Feel free to post your character's reactions here, or to make your own entries under the event tag. The event will be running for the next two days in-game, or through January 19th in real life. As ever, backdating is allowed and encouraged.
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Jennifer's neighbors will probably never get used to the Quarkbeast. Those fortunate enough to actually have seen the creature in all of his scaly glory tend to, at the very least, plaster themselves to the wall as she passes by. On the bright side, her only other semi-public idiosyncrasy is so mild by comparison that no one minds it in the least... even though she is the only person on this floor who knocks on her own door before unlocking it and heading inside.

It's only fair to give Aglet some warning. He usually manages to be back on his shelf by the time she steps inside, especially when she's come back from walking the Beast or some other errand the timing of which can be roughly judged, but she's well aware that he spends at least some of his alone time sneaking around the flat and nicking whatever he can get his little hands on.

The first time she caught him in the act, he'd actually been on the floor (on his way back from a successful trip to the kitchen, judging by the sugar cube that had clattered out of his bag when he dropped it in his surprise). She'd found it more amusing than annoying, but his terror at suddenly finding himself within easy reach of the Beast had been so great that she'd taken pity on him - and taken to knocking.

While she waits for Aglet to do any necessary scrambling for cover, she lifts the flap over her bag's outermost pocket to look in on her new friend. "How was the ride?" she asks the little Handrew. She'd tried not to jostle him, but that doesn't mean she was all that successful from his perspective.
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All is quiet in the darkened shop as Aglet crouches in a vent set high in the wall, silently readying his tools. There won't be any Beans about; the grocer's closed hours ago and its owner is safely absent. He's long used to borrowing in a house full of sleeping Beans, though, and even those members of the Settee family who have never borrowed from anywhere other than an empty shop don't go around making noise where there's even the slightest chance of a Bean hearing them.

They don't really need another bag of granola yet, but Aglet's been feeling restless and more than a little left out. Aunt Euphony doesn't talk to him as much anymore now that there are other Borrowers around, and every time he tries to talk to one of his cousins he comes out sounding like a complete idiot. He's tried, of course, and he'll try again -- and tonight he'll show them that at least he isn't useless. He'll come back with his bag stuffed with granola from one of the giant bins, and then they'll see that he's not so stupid as he thinks they think he is. He's done having everyone take care of him; it's time he shows that he can provide for the family, too.

"Here we go," he whispers under his breath, shouldering his bag and giving his coiled string one last tug to check its connection to the grappling hook on the end. He takes a deep breath, then pushes open the loose vent grate and props it open a scant inch, dropping down a string ladder fastened to the floor of the vent. Down this he climbs to make a ginger landing on top of the shelf that runs over top of all the bins. Without pausing, he scurries along the wall, making a beeline for the dry goods.

The moment at which everything goes wrong comes when he's stooped above the bins of cereal, squinting down at them and trying to remember which kind is the granola his cousins like and which is the kind they said was gross. He's about to just shimmy down and do a taste test when the world gives a sort of lurch. Aglet flails, grasping vainly for handholds on the box of wheat germ beside him, and lets out a sharp cry as feels himself topple over the edge.

He does not, as he expects, hit the hard plastic lid on the nearest bin and break all his bones. Instead, he lands on something surprisingly soft, bouncing back up a little ways before he settles on what feels like fabric. He lays stunned for a few moments, staring up at the ceiling, before he realizes something rather important:

The lights are on.

Gasping in fright, he flails, clawing his way out of where he's sunk into the soft material. After several seconds of panic he finally manages to scramble to his feet, arms out for balance and stance wide. He's not where he was, he realizes, but at the moment the question of where he is pales in comparison to the question of how he can get out of the open. On three sides, giant upholstered walls rise around him, and in the other direction is a sharp, unforgiving drop-off. Standing in place, he looks around frantically for some hint as to what's happened and how he can possibly get down.


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