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All of the sudden, Bennett's awake and her head is swirling, and she flinches, sitting up against the brick wall she's found herself leaning against. This, she notes immediately, does not make any sense at all. Just a moment ago, according to her memory, she was sitting in a chair in a lab in the LA Dollhouse, working on Caroline's personality wedge, and now she is in a dark alley that smelled of garbage in a city that is most certainly not LA.

Out of nowhere she recalls the gunshot, and her lips press together tightly as she tries to piece it together. I was shot. She checks herself over carefully, but there's no blood or pain to indicate a gunshot wound. Strange, as she can just barely recall --

"I couldn't find -- " Topher was saying, and her head swung back

No. It makes no sense. There is no way she's survived a gunshot wound to the...

"You all right, girl?" a man calls out to her, and approaches her where she's sprawled silently. Her nose wrinkles as he gets closer; he's clearly homeless at best, and she immediately reaches around for something to defend herself with, but finds nothing. She has to lash out with what she has in order to survive, and her head is still spinning.

"Go away," she says directly, coolly.

"Eh, fuck you too," the homeless man answers, and leaves her be. She climbs to her feet at long last, her knees weak, and heads towards the street. A street sign will mean an address, and an address will mean a location, which is the information she needs more than anything else right now.

Where - how?


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