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Due to the crisis and inability to effectively communicate, by noon people have started to gather at the rift center at Bethesda Terrace in the park.

People from both Romac and the rebels, as well as people attached to neither group, are gathering together for support and a place where no one expects them to speak. Since maps can still be understood without words or numbers, many people end up being directed here as a gathring place.

Someone has paid for a hotdog vendor to give out free food, and several people are going around offering coffee and hot cocoa. The edge of the fountain is covered with blankets for people to sit on.

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Allowance day comes around only twice each month -- twice per month Peter has the cash he needs to live it up, if only for a night or two, before poverty comes crashing back in on him. He's been thinking, since he had that awkward dream, that he wants to ask Lucy to celebrate allowance payout with him by going out to dinner -- but in the waking world this time, instead of just asking some figment of his imagination.

Right now, though, he could no more pay for a nice dinner than he could sprout wings and fly. The week and a half he's spent in hiding after Gabriel's interruption of his show hasn't made him any richer, and by now he's spent every penny he had. On the bright side, he's looking unusually dashing in his new leather coat, which he bought to make himself feel better after that whole fiasco. He tries Lucy's flat first, since she's usually got something to eat in there, but she isn't home and he's not about to risk teleporting across the island by trying to appear on the other side of her door. He does manage to get hold of her via text, but she doesn't seem interested in feeding him for once, and he finally gives her up as a lost cause and going back to his own flat for his magic gear. He doesn't relish the thought of going back out into the park after what happened the last time, but it's busk or beg at this point. He spends a while looking around to make sure Gabriel isn't present before going to his regular spot to draw up a crowd.


Luke Smith writing equations

For once, Luke feels useful. School's out for the evening, and he's busily mapping rift radiation with some of Topher's equipment. He's doing his best to make a spiral outward from the eye of the rift, though certain things have made that difficult. He's avoiding the actual eye, for one thing (he's been warned about the rebels who often wait there for new arrivals, and doesn't want to spend so much time at Bethesda that he starts getting recognized). For another, the lake is sort of in the way of his spiraling. His path describes a sort of zig-zag instead as he none too discreetly fiddles with the blinking device and takes occasional notes.


Andrew comes down the stairs to the subway platform just in time to see his train sitting at the station with its doors open. With an exclamation of annoyance he bursts into a run, dodging (and quite possibly knocking over in his haste) slower pedestrians as he sprints for the train. He could wait, of course -- Daine isn't even expecting him, so it'd hardly matter if he was late from having to wait for the next train. Waiting really isn't Andrew's style, though, so when he sees the doors begin to shut he puts on one last burst of extra speed, turning sideways to slip between the too-quickly closing doors.

"Wait!" He's too late, and the doors shut hard on him, pinning him halfway inside. Andrew winces at the full-body pinch and squirms and -- there! He's inside! Meanwhile, Andrew stumbles back from the doors, pushed back out onto the platform. He scowls at the doors and at the...oh bollocks, that's a very familiar head of hair. The Andrew inside the train realizes belatedly that something's wrong and turns to look back at him, and they share twin looks of panic as the train pulls away with half of him inside it.


OOC: As with Krissy's post in this format, each character is open to one thread on this post. Andrew is up for two threads, as you can tag either the Andrew on the train or the Andrew on the platform. Each Andrew is about 4'7" tall.

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Donna squeezes his hand gently. "You understand, don't you?"

The Doctor smiles. "Course I do. Wasn't thinking. Sorry," he says. Of course Donna would like to see her family alone, when they hadn't seen each other for so long. He should be used to it by now -- his companions' mums aren't usually too fond of him. Even though he had been looking forward to seeing Wilf. Later, then.

"I'm gonna get some flowers and walk home. Why don't I meet you back here, this time, tomorrow?" she tells him.

"Here. Tomorrow. Sold." The Doctor winks at her and starts walking off. "Nice flower shop on the corner thataway," he calls out, pointing. "Ask for Loretta and say I sent you."

That had been an interesting day. That stuff had taken ages to wash off, though. Well, at least now he has no social engagements, he has time to figure out why no one is around today. He heads in the opposite direction from Donna and the TARDIS, shoving his hands in the pockets of his blue suit and ambling down the street.

Except he doesn't get all that much investigating done, because all of a sudden he feels his stomach twist. Like when you're walking up the stairs and you think there's still a step to go, but your foot only finds air. The whole world turns sideways for a second, the Doctor blinks, and lands on his knees on the pavement.

Except he's not where he was a moment earlier. There's a few things that tip him off. Mostly it's the huge, light-covered building and large amounts of people milling around. It's colder, and it's darker, though you can't really tell given how well-lit the place is. He mouths wordlessly at his surroundings. The yellow cabs is what sells it. No. Can't be. Except it definitely is.

He grabs a random stranger, asking "Excuse me, mind telling me the date?"
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James is having a pretty regular day. They're planetside, on a lovely little world called Hedenex. He's taking an exploratory stroll, dressed in one of his three-pieces suits, walking through the complex cityscape they're visiting, enjoying the unfamiliar sky.

He's spent most of the day running around with Andrew, seeing sights, meeting people, testing the cuisine, and letting the dogs stretch their legs a bit too. But Andrew and the dogs only have so much energy, so James has left them to get some rest. James doesn't really need to worry about those things, so he's been getting some exploring done on his own. It's a very welcoming area.

He's just about to head back to ship, when he stumbles. This in itself is unusual, given how surefooted he normally is. But it only gets weirder from there. His systems go haywire, his vision and most of his senses cut out completely. There's a moment of panic, but he doesn't have long to dwell on it before he wakes up in an entirely different place. That is, places.


James, or rather the Ambrose part of him, comes to on a streetcorner on the Upper East Side, near Harlem. He's breathing, which is most unconventional. When did he start breathing? Up until a moment (or however long it's been) ago, he was completely robotic.

It's not the first time he's been put in a flesh body, however, so he manages to adjust fairly quickly, getting slowly to his feet. He doesn't much care for the cold, though. Perhaps this is just another Time Scoop, but it's usually less unpleasant.

But no... Because there's something missing. Great chunks of his mind are gone, and he feels strangely empty. Oh, not his memories. Those are still there. Not as organised and reliable now he's got a biological body, but there. His two imported personalities. The Doctor and the Master. They're gone. Yet somehow he can still sense them. As if they're here, but not part of him anymore. He's not sure what this means.

It doesn't occur to him how strange he must look, standing here in the cold, looking confused and lost.


Across town, the Doctor wakes up. He's in a café in the East Village, down on 10th street - though he himself doesn't know much more than that it's a café, and that he's currently slumped against the wall in a booth.

He goes through much the same thought process as Ambrose. They have the same memories of course, more or less the same mental capacities; the only difference is how they react to it. And the Doctor is worried. Deeply worried. If he's split free, that means the Master is probably also wandering around somewhere. He can feel that much. A presence in his mind, but far too distant and vague for him to pinpoint it.

First of all, where is he? His surroundings aren't much help. Back in his old body, he could've smelled it. He's not sure how reliable this new nose is, but he hasn't the memories to recall which place smells like what anymore in any case. It definitely doesn't look much like Hedenex, though.

He prods the shoulder of a random patron. "Pardon me, but could you tell me where I am?"


Meanwhile, approximately right between the two others, in the back of a dark McDonalds on 42nd street, right off Times Square, the Master version of James wakes up.

He, unlike the two others, is not quite so worried, once he's realised what's happened. In fact, he's rather delighted. His personality is often kept quite buried, at least compared to the other two. He's not so keen on finding them, though he feels that they're here somewhere, now he's finally got a body of his own.

He grins to himself, and pushes out the backdoor of the restaurant, out onto 41st street. It's not particularly crowded, but there are a few walking around. "You, human, where am I?" he asks one of them.
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After his arrival, Luke went through what seemed like a lot of testing and evaluations and filling out forms -- much more than it ever took to create an identity for him when he'd appeared out of nowhere back home (Mr. Smith had taken care of all that). Soon enough, he found himself placed in a room on a floor of the Romac building devoted to rifties too young to live alone. Children his (apparent) age--in other words, old enough not to need constant supervision--get put together in shared apartments, with one live-in Romac worker for each apartment. Luke has his own bedroom, but little else.

They gave him the option of waiting to start school, but he wanted to go as soon as the schools reopened after the holidays. There's still that fear that he'll make some sort of terrible social error, especially now that Clyde and Maria aren't around to help him, but sitting around doing nothing is quickly driving him mad with homesickness. He's been back at school for almost a week now, but it's not going as well as it did back home. He's obviously foreign here (even if they just think he's English, instead of the artificially created amalgam of humanity he actually is), and the only way he really knows how to make fast friends is to be thrown together in an effort to save the world from invading aliens.

It's evening now, and he's on his way to the library. He doesn't have to be 'home' for a few hours yet, and he knows it will barely take him any time at all to do the homework that's been assigned to him. Best find something interesting (and much too technical for a boy his age) to read.
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It's been the kind of day when all you want to do is collapse. He punches the little round button marked with a P and pulls at his tie as the elevator glides smoothly upward, thinking of nothing else but a drink and a long shower and sleep. He heads off Jarvis' rundown of the day's events with a simple but curt no; bad enough he had to sit through all the meetings with the board and with the building inspector and the energy department once already. Instead he heads for the bar on the side of the living area, pours a drink, and slumps back into the sofa, dumping the contents of his pockets (along with his tie) on the cushion beside him. For a split second, Tony lets his eyes droop close and takes in the single moment of calm.

When he feels the pull in his stomach and the rush of air by his head and hears the far-off wail of New York City traffic get a whole lot closer, Tony opens his eyes again with a start. The soft sofa is now a firm wooden park bench, the dim light of the penthouse replaced with the even dimmer one given off by a street lamp. His first instinct is to look at the drink in his hand-- but it's barely been touched, so that's one explanation out the window.

No sense wasting the alcohol, though.

Tony drains the glass before setting it down on the bench beside him. He pats his pockets for his phone before realizing he left it in the penthouse-- but it's fine. The tower can't be more than a few blocks from the park; he'd just walk back, call Fury, and triple check that he wasn't building the Avengers' new base on a wormhole. Not exactly the perfect solution, but definitely a temporary one.
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Alone for once, Luke trots absently along the way home from school, mind already on his homework. He doesn't mind homework, at least when it's math or science. It took him a while to get why the other kids all hate doing homework -- learning's sort of the point of school, and his teachers have been giving him stuff from beyond his grade level to keep him busy. He can sort of understand it when he thinks about his English homework, though; the thought that he's going to have to spend tonight trying to puzzle through more of Romeo and Juliet is not an uplifting one.

Something catches his eye and he pauses, thoughts brought back to the world around him. He can't say what it was, but for a moment there was some sort of flicker -- something that didn't seem quite right. He frowns, brow furrowing, and takes a step backward to try to see it again. "Hello?" he calls tentatively, peering into the shrubbery. "Is someone there?"

There's another...something. Luke looks around, wondering for a moment if he should go get Sarah Jane or Clyde or Maria. But no, it's probably nothing much, and it might be gone by the time he gets back. Shrugging his backpack straps further up on his shoulders, Luke wades into the greenery by the walkway where he thinks he saw it. Maybe it's something that's been cloaked, or maybe it's an alien -- or maybe it's nothing and he's tearing his jeans for no good reason. He stoops and pushes his hands through the branches, looking, and --

And there's a sideways jerk, a feeling of falling, and he stumbles and lands on his rear in shallow water. Gasping in surprise (and cold!), he flails, splashing, and scrambles to his feet. He shivers violently as he looks around, wide eyes taking in his suddenly changed surroundings. Theres's...a fountain? He's fallen in a lake?? There's some sort of terrace going down into the icy water, and he's on one of those steps. He doesn't know how this is possible, since he's never even seen this place before he appeared here. Shaking with the cold, he tries to climb up onto the next step, slips, and falls back in the water.



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