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Tara has been doing her best to settle in.

Well, of course, after doing anything she could think of to try to find her friends, whether in this world or the one she came from. But it turns out Sunnydale doesn't even exist in this universe. She's tried using magic and meditating, she's tried just using the internet and libraries, but there's nothing. And from what she can tell, there aren't even any Hellmouths or demons or anything like that here which didn't come through the Rift. On the surface this world looks so familiar, but it feels so foreign.

So one of two things that she's been focused on when it comes to settling in is simply adjust to the way her magic works here. It's not the same. She's unable to call on deities or spirits, or connect to other planes. Or, if she can connect to them, then no one's answering. And there's little magic to draw on besides what comes through the Rift, which she feels wary of.

As far as she can tell, the Rift's not evil, it doesn't corrupt or taint you, but that doesn't mean she trusts it. It doesn't seem to be good either. She was never exactly frivolous with magic to begin with, but she intends to be very cautious if she ever needs to do anything significant, and pay close attention to how it affects her. And then just hope it really is as neutral as it seems.

The other thing has been more to do with practicalities. Money, food, a place to live. She's still working on the last one, continuing to stay at a cheap hotel for the time being. The money problem was solved by simply taking up a loan. She feels pretty guilty about the fact she had to use magic to persuade them to grant her one, but she fully intends to pay it back, and hopes that will minimise any karmic retribution.

Which is part of why she's on her way to Daniel's apartment - to pay him back for the help he gave her when she arrived. Well, that, and hopefully to get to know him a little better now she's a bit more grounded. He definitely seemed like someone worth knowing.

It's still pretty early in the day when she gets there and rings the doorbell.
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"Your shirt," Tara says, her brow knitting in a worried frown. It's spattered with red.
The last thing she sees is Willow's horrified face, as she collapses and everything goes dark. She doesn't have time to consider what this means. It just seems to happen.
And then she's... elsewhere.
Everything is soft and warm, and she know Willow's all right. She must be grieving, she must be in pain, but she will be okay. She has her friends, and she's strong. She'll heal and prosper and be safe. So will the rest of her friends. It's all going to be okay.
She doesn't know how long she's there. It can't be too long, but time seems to have no meaning.
And then she's not. The sunlight is harsh and bright, and there's all this noise. Traffic.
A lot of traffic, all around her. She's... in the middle of a round-about? It takes several long minutes for her to take in her surroundings. Gigantic buildings, tourists, cars. The noise is deafening. She looks down at herself, her jeans and blue sweater... the dark red stain and hole in her sweater, just over her heart. She touches it, but the skin there is unharmed, whole.
How did she get here? Where is here? The questions are too many for her to order in her mind, and she's not sure exactly what's happening. She has to collect herself for a minute to stop from panicking.
And she seems to be stuck atop the base of a monument. The granite is warm against her back, and it's just a little too far down for her to feel comfortable jumping. Especially given how shaky she currently feels.
"E-excuse me," she calls out to a passer-by. "I'm sorry, c- could you help me?"


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