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Topher is outside.

This is a pretty big thing. At least for him to be outside willingly. It had not been quite so voluntary this weekend, when he had temporarily lost his powers and had a big panic about it.

But in amongst all of that madness, he had remembered that going outdoors is actually a thing he is capable of, if not overly enthusiastic about. And once he had spent a few days recuperating from the massive meltdown that experience had given him, he decided he could probably brave it, with proper armour.

That armour is a hoodie with the hood pulled up, sunglasses to block out the harsh light, his trusty backpack, and headphones to block out most of the noise surrounding him. He still took a cab to get here though. Nothing short of the apocalypse could make him take the subway in this city.

He pushes open the door and steps inside the little bakery that Sunshine works at. The smell that hits him is a very pleasant one, and for a moment he closes his eyes and just breathes it in.

Then someone bumps into him from behind, and his heart jumps into his throat. Right, right, standing in the way. He shuffles quickly aside, shutting off his music, and eventually manages to approach the counter.

"Um... I'm looking for Sunshine?"
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Maybe she's really just spent too much time as a goat herd, but Aly finds herself not minding her current position in the least. Having a job keeps Daine happy that Aly's spare income isn't totally comprised of the contents of other people's wallets and it gives her routine. Even more fun, the fact that she's now employed as a dog walker gives her a level of access to people's homes that utterly delights a spy such as herself. Even with no set goal in mind, it's always fair useful to keep her skills in practice, rifling through files and folders, avoiding leaving fingerprints and essence. These are skills she needs.

Being a dog walker also keeps her up and about, moving through different areas of the city. With her constant pack of wagging tails, there's no nevermind made of it.

It's really a useful solution, she thinks, walking briskly through Central Park behind an Australian shepherd and a pair of dachshunds. She's even getting exercise for her trouble.

[[Feel free to have your character interact with the dogs as you like and find her up and down the park. She'll be doing this for most of the afternoon so it's open to lots of people.]]

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He's been getting complacent, and he knows it. He's hardly murdered anyone in the past few months and the ROMAC building still contains the room that held him captive. It's time to change things. He's going to make sure that no one else gets the same treatment he got. He's going to make sure that the people who contrived to put him there get what they deserve. Being comfortable doesn't excuse him from doing what needs to be done. He knows that the longer he waits the more likely it is that he'll miss his window for revenge.

It's three o'clock on a Monday when Gabriel teleports directly into Topher's office at ROMAC headquarters. He appears on the couch behind Topher's desk and noisily places his feet on the coffee table to announce his presence.

"Whatcha up to, kiddo?" He may sound calm and friendly, but he's not over for movies and beer today. He means to get blood on his hands, and Topher is going to help him whether he likes it or not.
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Andrew is sure he's seen someone wearing a shimmer just now.

Or no, he isn't sure. With his dull human senses, he's rarely entirely sure of any of his perceptions anymore. Details he believes the Doctor would pick out with ease routinely get glossed over by his little human brain, to the point where it actually took him a moment to remember that the air oughtn't to be shimmering with heat in a northern clime in March. Of course, it could have been -- it could have been heat from a vent, or a car's exhaust, or even just his eyes playing tricks on him. Curiosity has won out over practicality, though, and he's abandoned his quest to buy vegetables for dinner in favor of dodging through foot traffic, eyes trained on the young woman whose humanity he doubts. It won't occur to him, of course, to think that anyone who sees him and registers what he's doing will simply see a man stalking following an unsuspecting woman.
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The day after Aglet's arrival, Jennifer had headed to Romac with his registration forms, which she'd filled out to the best of her ability. She's confident that there's enough information for Barry to make sense of, and hopes, for the Borrower's sake, that no one else will insist on interviewing him. Given how terrified he was when he first met her, and his continuing tendency to get twitchy whenever she gets a little too close, she's guessing he wouldn't appreciate meeting any new 'Beans.'

She'd made it to HQ without any hiccups, despite having the beast with her. Leaving it at her flat hadn't seemed wise; she knew Aglet would have been terrified to be left alone with it, and she didn't know if the beast would stay put, or if it would just chew through the door so it could follow her. Fortunately, the puffy little coat and booties she'd dressed it in did a good job of hiding its actual appearance, and no one had looked twice at it the whole way over.

But all that good fortune had to end sometime, and as she walks down an unfamiliar hallway on what is quite possibly the wrong floor, she reluctantly concludes that she's lost. Apparently, she wasn't as certain of where Barry's office was located as she thought she was. Damn.

Well, better to admit the error and get help than continue to wander about the tower like an idiot. There's an open door a few meters away that's spilling natural light into the hall, and she approaches it with her shoulders squared and the Quarkbeast trotting by her side. A peek into the office reveals a young man at a computer, and she gently raps a knuckle against the open door.

"Excuse me - sorry to bother you, but I'm a bit lost."
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Cecil is very alarmed to find himself, newly awake, in a library. Oh, sure, it's perfectly normal to be the standard level of alarmed in that situation, but the extra alarm comes in from the fact that this is neither the Night Vale Public Library nor its Private counterpart. It's been awhile since he's woken up in the library, as he thought he had a pretty good warding sigil set up specifically to prevent this occurrence and he prefers to just listen to the municipally approved audio books he can download from Audible anyway. Call him a wet blanket but he's just really attached to his hands, even if he doesn't strictly need them to host the show, and even with the recently installed actual physical no-sleep-required entrance, visiting the library would have just not been worth the hassle. Still, he's pretty sure it hadn't been renovated to this degree. In the wake of the Night Vale Harbor and Waterfront Recreation area scandal, where would that kind of public funding even come from?

The library he is currently very reluctantly occupying is, for one thing, huge. It appears to be exceptionally well stocked (with books, and not specters) and all the furnishings and fixtures appear to be quite well maintained. He sees no sign of librarian repellent dispensers, and the floor and furniture seem to be free of any spoor or strop-marks. As far as Cecil is concerned, this just lends to the overwhelming feeling of impending doom. He treats his surroundings to a very perturbed and disapproving look before shutting his eyes tightly and attempting to address the secret police, who no doubt have this area, and all others, under surveillance.

“I don't mean to put anyone out, but I don't actually even have a library card." Not to this library, wherever it is, anyway. Like having more than one library card could ever even be a thing! It's hard enough to keep organic flesh from rejecting just the one. "Please, I'm willing to leave quite peaceably and voluntarily, especially if you'll go ahead and make the extraction process quick and mostly painless.”
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It's funny how time passes when you have responsibilities you can turn to.

It's been nearly a month since he visited Gabriel's dreams and set him free from Romac's cells. And that wasn't even the worst thing that happened that week, just the final cruel cherry on top of the sundea of suck, to put it mildly.

Since then, he's not really seen anyone he didn't have to, neither awake nor dreaming. He's just dived into his work. He had a lot to make up for after calling in quite a few favours, after all, but mostly it was a distraction. A way to keep from confronting everything. And at least his work is interesting, and challenging, and everything it should be. But it's become much more difficult to take any joy from it.

And it's pretty difficult to distract yourself when you're pretty much conscious 24/7, regardless of whether you're awake or asleep. He's gotten very little sleep, because it either means sitting alone in his head with nothing to do, or visiting other people's minds, neither of which has been that appealing. It's a miracle he hasn't cracked completely (yet).

It's only a matter of time though, so now he's walking up to one of the few people that he still trusts, who's still here, and who (hopefully) doesn't hate him. It's become a pretty short list.

"Hello," he says to the TARDIS once she comes into view around the rocks and trees. "I'm not here for the Doctor, I'm here for you," he tells the box, in case she calls for him. The Doctor's still on that list as well (though Topher hasn't seen him in ages either), but he doesn't exactly inspire Topher to open up about his problems.

"I brought you something," he adds, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a bag of chocolates and toffees, since the Doctor had informed him she likes sweets. It may be a bribe so that she'll be patient with him.
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In a bit of luck, Romac has discovered just how much of a big fish they caught on the line back there in the woods. He doesn't question who was behind the decision to imprison him, because he's not conscious enough to ask anyone anything. He's dreaming, his mind rushing and exhausted enough that he has no control over where his mind wanders.

He whines in his sleep as the Romac employees compress a pair of handcuffs around his wrists and manhandle him beneath the building. There's a room there that was created with people just like him in mind. It's particular function is to stop powerful rifties from being able to control their powers long enough to escape. In Gabriel's case, though, this room has a dangerous side effect.

A small amount of Gabriel's powers have always been used to keep an appearance of humanity, to keep himself inside this body, to keep people safe. In this room, nobody is safe.

As they bundle him onto the floor of the bare white room, something begins to happen. He groans as his Grace starts to bleed out from underneath his skin, a harsh and visually painful light seeping out from nostrils, eye sockets, pores. If he doesn't do anything to stop this, he'll burst out of his skin and kill everyone in the room, blind and deafen everyone in a ten mile radius.

He wakes with a shuddering gasp. Light explodes across his shoulders, spreading with impossible speed down his back and outwards. It's an unbearably bright shadow of wings that sends the two men that had carried him in stumbling back clutching to their bleeding eye sockets. They're soon gone, and the heavy door shut tightly, automatically, behind them as Gabriel cowers on the floor trying to contain himself.

With intense effort, he clenches down on the limits of his Grace. He lets out a sob. Another gasp, and the light recedes. He clenches his teeth, tries to return completely to his human vessel, but his wings remain. Only now, the wings have shifted to something that looks more familiar - huge, birdlike, rich brown tipped with black and shifting ceaselessly between transparency and opacity.

He manages wakefulness for only a few minutes before slipping back into unconsciousness. The shifting angelic wings remain, as does his tenuous containment. For now, at least, he won't be hurting anymore people, but there's no saying how long he can keep this up.
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Due to the crisis and inability to effectively communicate, by noon people have started to gather at the rift center at Bethesda Terrace in the park.

People from both Romac and the rebels, as well as people attached to neither group, are gathering together for support and a place where no one expects them to speak. Since maps can still be understood without words or numbers, many people end up being directed here as a gathring place.

Someone has paid for a hotdog vendor to give out free food, and several people are going around offering coffee and hot cocoa. The edge of the fountain is covered with blankets for people to sit on.

Post a comment with your character, and go tag other people!
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A stack of pizza boxes appears suddenly on the coffee table in Topher's apartment, followed by a stack of DVDs, and then, not long after, Gabriel himself is sitting comfortably on the couch in his living room.

He leans forward to pick up the remote control. Once he's got it, he leans back and props up his feet. He figures that the sound of the TV will bring in Topher from wherever he is.
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The TARDIS has finally been able to convince the Doctor to take a stroll outside, see the sights of the planet she's taken him to, maybe get into some trouble. The loss of the Ponds in Manhattan has made him glum and solitary; he's been holed up in her innards and her libraries for weeks now, and as much as she loves the attention, it worries her. She can see the grief and desolation plainly in his mind, so having him engage with the outside universe again gives her hope that he may be starting to heal.

She's entertaining herself by scanning local transmissions for anything interesting, when all her senses are suddenly and violently assaulted as she is being dragged through space, time, and the very walls of the universe. After a nanosecond of utter shock, she fights against the unknown force, engines roiling and Cloister Bell ringing. But there is no one to hear it.

The cool air of a New York morning is fiercely torn open by the Rift spitting out a large blue box, which is wheezing and groaning painfully. The TARDIS is struggling to control her flight/fall, and she shoots across a lake, just barely clears a small bridge, and mows over a trash can before being harshly stopped by a group of trees. Fortunately it is rather early in the morning, so with some luck nobody saw her undignified landing.

Not that she's concerned with that at all. No, there are too many more important things going on all at once - with terror she realizes that she's in a different universe, one not connected to her own, which means there is no vitally important energy she can draw from it to survive; it's like drowning, or having all the oxygen sucked from her lungs. But at the last moment she manages to cling to the Rift like a lifeline; long ago the Doctor modified her to be able to process rift energy and here at its center it's strong enough to keep her systems powered, to keep her alive.

However, there is no time for relief; as soon as she stabilizes somewhat she tries to push back into the Rift, even though that is objectively a very bad idea. She's clinging to the vain hope that it might still be connected to her home universe, that she could follow her own time trail back through it. She phases in and out of reality with increasingly labored groans of her ancient engines, the fabric of this world straining under the strength of her desperation. But the opposing forces within the Rift are too strong even for her and after some time she shudders into existence with a final thunk, engines simply giving out, drained of all energy.

She's trapped. She's trapped in a universe she can't live in, without the Doctor. The anguish of that realization is more overwhelming even than her near perishing just now. She might as well have died, it would have been kinder than this. Though for all that, she doesn't feel quite as deserted and incomplete as she would have expected. Could it be...

Cautiously hopeful despite her misery and exhaustion, she extends her senses and actually gives her surroundings a cursory examination, absently noting that she ended up on a parallel Earth, again. And... yes, there he is, within the city boundaries even. He isn't quite hers, she can tell, and that aches deeply, but still so much less than the alternative would. Did he notice her arrival? Is he going to come find her? There's an easy way to answer those questions.

...If she was native to this universe and its Time. With resurging panic she realizes she can't see, can't view the intricately winding paths of decisions and actions, of events and consequences and probabilities. It's all wrong to her, all shunted at the wrong angle, grating against her perception subtly but irritatingly, just barely obscured as though through a veil. She may as well be just any blundering, blind actor in the merciless grasp of Time, here. Only the fact that she's not entirely unfamiliar with this feeling - she's been to universes without Time before - keeps her from balking and panicking outright. She is also similarly limited whenever she uses her humanoid form to interact with people, simply because it's impossible for her to perceive reality both as an agent within events and as an outside observer at the same time. But still, the prospect of being caged in this plane, unseeing and linear, is distressing.

Instead of dwelling on that, she focuses on the Doctor's presence again and decides to draw his attention somehow, both for her own comfort and because together they will surely be able to find a way back through the Rift. At length it occurs to her that without her knowledge of events, she is free to act and interfere with this world - far from a fair trade-off, but not entirely useless. Checking the outside for dangers and conditions, she slips into her physical body and puts on a thick woolly dress, tall shoes, and a scarf (she's had some bad experiences with the cold before). Trying to focus on the task of physically locating the Doctor instead of getting overwhelmed by everything she just went through, she steps out of her shell to explore.

TL;DR: shit sux big time

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All of the sudden, Bennett's awake and her head is swirling, and she flinches, sitting up against the brick wall she's found herself leaning against. This, she notes immediately, does not make any sense at all. Just a moment ago, according to her memory, she was sitting in a chair in a lab in the LA Dollhouse, working on Caroline's personality wedge, and now she is in a dark alley that smelled of garbage in a city that is most certainly not LA.

Out of nowhere she recalls the gunshot, and her lips press together tightly as she tries to piece it together. I was shot. She checks herself over carefully, but there's no blood or pain to indicate a gunshot wound. Strange, as she can just barely recall --

"I couldn't find -- " Topher was saying, and her head swung back

No. It makes no sense. There is no way she's survived a gunshot wound to the...

"You all right, girl?" a man calls out to her, and approaches her where she's sprawled silently. Her nose wrinkles as he gets closer; he's clearly homeless at best, and she immediately reaches around for something to defend herself with, but finds nothing. She has to lash out with what she has in order to survive, and her head is still spinning.

"Go away," she says directly, coolly.

"Eh, fuck you too," the homeless man answers, and leaves her be. She climbs to her feet at long last, her knees weak, and heads towards the street. A street sign will mean an address, and an address will mean a location, which is the information she needs more than anything else right now.

Where - how?
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In the space of one breath, Ianto is thrust rather violently into consciousness. He can't fathom why until he feels the rattle of wet droplets up past his sinuses. Reflexively, he coughs, rolling onto his side to escape whatever liquid he's - he's laying in. He's wet. With that revelation, a cavalcade follows: (his fingers are tingling) he's cold, (did he just hear a duck) he's outside, (where did he get a duck) he's not at home, (he groans) he's still a man.

(There was that one time. It doesn't hurt to check.)

Ianto opens his eyes to assess the situation, swiping at his face with one numb hand. He has not, as tentatively concluded, kidnapped a duck on a bender. Curiosity satisfied, the aforementioned duck waddles back into the... pond? Ianto pushes himself - nope, that's not gonna happen - Ianto rolls onto his back, dumbly taking in the skyline, the skyscrapers, the complete and utter lack of rolling English countryside.

"Fuck," he says earnestly, except it comes out more as a jumble of syllables, because fuck he's cold.
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Nepeta is getting used to coping with big surprises. This isn't the first time she's been sucked unceremoniously into a bizarre brave new world. Her life's been topsy-turvy ever since her friends started playing Sgrub - and before, if she's honest. Alternia, her home planet, was destroyed by meteors; Karkat insisted it was the game itself which caused it to happen. He'd also said something about ectobiology and clones and time travel. He made it sound like he'd created the twelve of them in some kind of mad science experiment gone wrong, but Nepeta isn't quite sure she followed his meaning correctly. It was hard to tell sometimes what he really meant and what was just enraged hyperbole.

The point is, after coping with all of that, tumbling into central park from out of an air vent isn't all that shocking. Nepeta lands on all fours, uses all of her senses to try to determine her surroundings. It isn't Alternia, or Skaia, or LOLCAT, or any other place she's seen before. Nepeta hear movement nearby, scrambling by instinct up the nearest tree. It is bare-branched and wet, offering no cover. At least she is out of reach, and can see further. She pulls out her tablet, tries to message Equius, but Trollian doesn't seem to be working. Nepeta frowns, tongue sticking out at the corner of her mouth, tries reloading it. No improvement. She's never been the best at technology - she always gave things to Sollux to fix when they stopped working. Nepeta tucks the device away, perturbed for the first time since she arrived. She doesn't like being out of contact with her friends.

There are a few scattered creatures in the vicinity. Nepeta stares at them with unmasked interest. Can you blame her? They are strange - quite like trolls, in their way, but just slightly wrong. For starters, where are their horns? What's wrong with their skin? She crouches near the trunk of the tree, formulating a plan. A few of them seem to be using technological devices. She should confront one of them and convince them to fix her tablet, or take her to someone who can...
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The Hulk roars, swatting a Doombot out of his way, trying to find the real Dr. Doom. He's been a member of the Avengers for five months now and is getting used to watching for the others. Puny Banner still keeps him locked away most of the time, but Hulk is enjoying greater freedom. He is discovering there are certain things and people that he can smash, without puny ones fussing about it too much.

Hulk is just about to swipe away another small group of Doom's henchman, when a strange feeling washes over him. He feels dizzy, a flying sensation, then wet. Roaring in displeasure, the Hulk finds himself standing in a fountain, near a lake. The air is cold, but the Hulk doesn't mind that.

He minds that his team is gone, the Doombots are gone, and he's been moved! He wants very much to smash whoever thinks they can move Hulk! Hulk was busy smashing and wants to be smashing still! Hulk feels Banner stirring in the back of his mind, but Banner is puny.

Hulk lets out a tremendous roar, hoping the other Avengers will here and find him, taking him back to the battle.

Current location: Bethesda Terrace, Central Park
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Alone for once, Luke trots absently along the way home from school, mind already on his homework. He doesn't mind homework, at least when it's math or science. It took him a while to get why the other kids all hate doing homework -- learning's sort of the point of school, and his teachers have been giving him stuff from beyond his grade level to keep him busy. He can sort of understand it when he thinks about his English homework, though; the thought that he's going to have to spend tonight trying to puzzle through more of Romeo and Juliet is not an uplifting one.

Something catches his eye and he pauses, thoughts brought back to the world around him. He can't say what it was, but for a moment there was some sort of flicker -- something that didn't seem quite right. He frowns, brow furrowing, and takes a step backward to try to see it again. "Hello?" he calls tentatively, peering into the shrubbery. "Is someone there?"

There's another...something. Luke looks around, wondering for a moment if he should go get Sarah Jane or Clyde or Maria. But no, it's probably nothing much, and it might be gone by the time he gets back. Shrugging his backpack straps further up on his shoulders, Luke wades into the greenery by the walkway where he thinks he saw it. Maybe it's something that's been cloaked, or maybe it's an alien -- or maybe it's nothing and he's tearing his jeans for no good reason. He stoops and pushes his hands through the branches, looking, and --

And there's a sideways jerk, a feeling of falling, and he stumbles and lands on his rear in shallow water. Gasping in surprise (and cold!), he flails, splashing, and scrambles to his feet. He shivers violently as he looks around, wide eyes taking in his suddenly changed surroundings. Theres's...a fountain? He's fallen in a lake?? There's some sort of terrace going down into the icy water, and he's on one of those steps. He doesn't know how this is possible, since he's never even seen this place before he appeared here. Shaking with the cold, he tries to climb up onto the next step, slips, and falls back in the water.



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