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Peter doesn't wait for Seth's last reply before deciding to take matters into his own hands. He's not sure what he expects to find when he teleports to Gabriel's apartment, and having to do the trip in several jumps gives him a few moments to think about that and feel like an idiot. Still, he's not going to appear half drunk in the bathroom of McDonald's in his bathrobe for nothing; once he's committed to making the trip he sees it through and arrives in Gabe's empty living room in a flash of pyrotechnics.

Maybe he expects to find Gabriel smirking at him from the couch. What he finds instead, though, is the place looking empty and run-down, the carpet more worn than he remembers from the last time he was in here. Peter stands in the middle of the flat, feeling foolish.

"Gabe?" he calls, listening for an answer before striding over the bedroom to check in there. "Come on, don't pull this bullshit. Why'd you have Seth text me? It's Godzilla attacking again, isn't it?"

Nothing. Cursing, he kicks the bedroom door and then hisses when it hurts his bare foot rather a lot. "Fucker!" he shouts at no one in particular.
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It seems every day is more monotone than the last, like he's walking around in a zombie haze - though thankfully without any real zombies, he'd prefer not to do that again. But you'd think a city as weird as this would have more going on. That's what he gets for staying out of trouble.

He sighs as he unlocks the door to his apartment, dropping the keys on a table and running a hand down his face. He sits down in front of the telly, but gets bored almost immediately. Perhaps he should simply go out. Or perhaps he should go hang out with Gabe. He hasn't seen him for almost a week, he realises with a small pang.

Usually Gabe shoots him a text or something if he wants to hang out, or Seth just heads upstairs, but that hasn't happened lately. Probably he's just been busy. Yeah, that's what he'll do, maybe that will shake him out of this funk.

Not bothering with the keys just now, he heads for the door again, simply walking through it before heading upstairs. He knocks twice, but there's no reply. Guess not, then. He's about to leave, but then decides if Gabe's out, he might as well check if Scout's there and if he needs something, so he steps through the door.
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Sunshine is out enjoying the summer weather and attempting to read 'Out of Thin Air: Teleportation and Summoning for Beginners.' 'Attempting' is the operative word; reading anything in daylight (or lamplight, or anything but the near-full darkness of a closet) is a bit of an endeavor. If she moves the book or moves her head, the words seem to heave themselves into three dimensions, and there is nothing entertaining about words literally leaping off the page. She has to lie belly-down in the sheep meadow with her face directly above the page to make any progress.

So, the buzz of her phone isn't an entirely unwelcome distraction. She digs it out of her pocket and thumbs open the text, and--


--it's from Spike. It's also a line of gibberish that takes her a few seconds to parse, but once she does, she pushes herself upright, book forgotten. She fires off a quick text back, because her internal compass is only giving her direction, not distance, then shoves the book back in her bag and lurches to her feet.

And it's still--


--even though her phone is back in her pocket, and she breaks into a trot in the indicated direction. It's not just an awareness of where he is, it's a tug, and if his stupid undead life wasn't at stake in peril, she'd probably find it unnerving. It is unnerving. But not as unnerving as the thought of him bursting into carthaginian flames before she can even find him.

Fortunately, it doesn't actually take her that long to get to him. And he's just… sitting under a tree. Looking completely fine. She slows to a walk, then stops dead in her tracks and stares at him as she catches her breath. What the hell kind of cover does he call that? She'd assumed he would at least have been in a building. Oh, gods, is he just making shit up?

Once she's caught some of her breath back, she snaps, "What the hell." She thought this was a klaxon-worthy emergency.
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You know, the Rift really has done some nice things for you. Some of you, anyway. Not all the powers it's bestowed have been bad, right? One could easily argue it's done some pretty solid favors for some of you. And do you appreciate this?

No, you do not. Or not enough, anyway.

So, for the weekend of Friday, June 28th through Sunday, June 30th, the Rift is going to be selectively revoking some of the more useful powers it's been doling out to new arrivals. If your character has any rift-granted powers that make their lives easier, they're going to be losing them at some point during the weekend for a period of twelve hours. (If said rift power is limiting or generally useless, nothing will change. Lucky you!) Maybe it strikes your character Friday morning, or maybe at 11:59 PM on Sunday, but regardless, your character's handy-dandy rift power is going to go away for twelve hours.

Maybe when they get it back, they'll be a bit more appreciative, hmm?

There will not be any main event posts due to the flexible timing of it all, but please tag individual character posts with 'event: power revocation.' Backdating is, as ever, welcome.


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