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oh honey honey [closed]

Scout scrambles into the apartment when Gabriel opens the door, and heads straight for the water dish on the floor. Gabriel makes sure that the dish is filled as he walks past towards the living room. Maybe to read, maybe to watch some TV, but something on the kitchen table makes him stop in his tracks.

It's a jar of honey, simple and unadorned. The light from the window catches the edge of the glass, casting a yellow light onto the table. It's beautiful. He stares at it for a moment, transfixed. Then, he smiles, because he knows just what this is. Back when he'd been struck ill by the rift, he'd told Johnny about how when he'd been Loki, people would leave him offerings of honey.

Back then, it had been comforting. A nice gesture, and a meaningful connection to the humans that knew about him and wanted to please him or thank him. Now, it's a reminder about the good parts of what he used to be. It's easy to forget all but the bad, but this reminds him that he was appreciated then, and even moreso- that Johnny loves him now. Johnny had been joking when he asked if he wanted him to start leaving jars of honey around, but he really did want that. And Johnny remembered. Johnny may not know how much it means to him, or why, but he doesn't really need to. The gesture is enough, and that means a lot to him too.

He steps forward and picks up the jar, carefully turning it over in his hands. He doesn't know what to do with the feeling that this is giving him. How could he have ever thought that he couldn't fully love Johnny? His chest is full of it, his fingers tingling with the sheer force of the feeling. He can't stop grinning at the damn jar of honey, and by now, Scout has finished with the water and come over to investigate.

Gabriel bends down to scrub a hand through the dog's fur. "I'll be back. I have to go see Johnny." He straightens, and in the next moment he's standing in Johnny's apartment, the jar of honey still in his hand.

"...hey." He's not sure what he wants to say or do beyond kissing Johnny, but he's pretty sure that his plans don't involve Johnny being in the middle of tattooing some hot shirtless dude. He pauses for just a moment before he strides forward anyway. When Johnny turns to him, he leans down just far enough to lift his chin up and press a kiss to his mouth.
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cw - needles and tattooing

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By the grace of whatever god hasn't abandoned him Johnny had just lifted the needle up when Gabriel decides to drop himself in like he does. Johnny shoots him a glance and immediately sees the jar of honey in his hand - oh right, he did that, he should have expected this probably - and turns back to his work like nothing is happening. He tries to ignore the twist in his gut - was that the right thing to do, was it stupid, insulting? - that isn't even what should be forefront on his mind right now. He looks up at his patron, who is gazing thoughtfully at Gabe like he's a particularly interesting insect, as opposed to a man that just appeared out of thin air.

"Hey," says Johnny distractedly, trying to play it cool, trying to re-align himself, where was he. Before he makes any progress on that question, Gabe has come close and is lifting his chin, ooohhhhkay now this is happening.

He should absolutely not be turned on by this and fucking yet.

"Hi," he says a bit breathlessly, wishing his lips weren't so dry. "Um." He swallows, switches the device off and sets it gingerly aside, turning all his focus to wiping away blood and excess ink. "Digby, this is my boyfriend Gabe, Gabe, this is Digby."

Johnny doesn't really know Digby, except they met in a bar and talked ink for a while before Digby asked about his rates and Johnny, all a-flutter at actually being asked to draw on someone for money, had improvised some bullshit about an in-home practice. Digby's utter lack of reaction so far is... informative, though he's not sure of what.

Digby is still peering at Gabriel, but from the same utterly relaxed position he's been holding for the entire session so far, settled comfortably on his stool, his half-worked arm resting perfectly motionless on Johnny's work desk, his eyes lidded like he's falling asleep. Or maybe high. He might actually be high. That would explain a few things.

Digby, to his immense credit, eventually lifts his chin in a very small nod and says, "'Sup."
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Johnny barks out an embarrassed laugh. "No," he says. This is terrible. Gabe loves it, Johnny doesn't remember when he last saw him like this, all happy and... this is terrible. He can't very well kick Digby out mid-tattoo. Digby is evidently happy to observe the interaction with nothing more than mild interest but Johnny isn't interested in seeing how far that extends.

"I... wasn't sure it was the right thing to do," he admits, turning back to Digby and the unfinished tattoo. He picks up the needle and takes a few moments to settle himself down before he goes back to work. His hands are steady, which is the thing he'd been most afraid of. His hands had never been steady enough to really do this back - well, 'home' isn't the right word anymore, but whatever it was he came from. He's so much better now, healthier, more alive, his head has even stopped hurting so much. He knows he has a lot of people to thank for that, Gabriel more than anyone, but-

Okay, no, this is not helping. Eyes on the prize, Johnny.

He keeps working, silent for several moments, letting himself fall into that comfortable pattern before he dares to speak again. "I just remembered what you said about... and I thought, I don't know." Obviously Gabe remembers the conversation. He's just babbling now.

Digby, for his invaluable part, splits his attention between watching Johnny work and eyeing the jar of honey Gabe is clutching like it's a precious object.
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Oh god this is the absolute worst. Remember: Digby is paying him an amazing amount of money for a first-timer with no references. This is worth it. Keep it together, Truant.

One thing is for certain: he's doing this again. Gabe is so happy he doesn't even know how to talk. He wishes they could talk, about... what this really means to him, or maybe not talk, whatever, but, Digby. Tattoo. He sighs quietly.

"Kind of an abstract," he mumbles. "Circuit board blending into tree branches."

"S'gonna be sweet," says Digby helpfully. "Your boy has a rad style."

Oh god.
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God, now they're talking. It's both adorable and incredibly embarrassing. This needs to stop. Johnny resists the urge to stop working and just rest his head on the desk.

Digby grins at Gabe, then at Johnny, as if complimenting him on his choice of dude. Johnny still isn't used to how people just take this shit in stride. Speaking of, should he even try to explain Gabe's sudden appearance? Digby certainly seems content with just accepting it as is.

"So what do you do, man?" Digby asks Gabe. "Are you like a magician or something? I mean you just like popped right in here. That was a sweet trick."

Or not.
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"Thanks," Johnny murmurs, unable to hide a little smile when Digby congratulates him. He's relieved both of them are taking this in stride, even if this is embarrassing as all hell. It's better than things being awkward. If he's the only embarrassed party he'll consider it a success.

Still, though. Dig Dug. Digby's gotta be too young to get that, right? Johnny isn't sure how he feels about that, feeling old next to someone who's about the same age.

"You are," says Johnny, glancing over at him before refocusing on the tattoo. "But it's okay. I love ya."

Oh, god. He just said that, all casual, and in front of a relative stranger. Okay. This is fine.

Digby dips his head in a silent, practically motionless chuckle. Johnny finishes up a line and wipes his arm clean, then leans back.

"So, uh, Digby," he says. "Do you mind if we take a little break?"

"Nah!" He straightens up a little and stretches his back. "Not at all, man, take all the time you whatever." He waves his free hand in a way that may or may not be suggestive. Johnny laughs softly and with poorly disguised embarrassment and pulls off his gloves, avoiding looking at Gabe for the moment.
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"Oh, I can get the bo- okay, that works too." Johnny stands awkwardly by the machine with a mug while Gabe shows off his work. He dips his head down to hide a smile and a stupid little blush.

Except it's not stupid. No one before Gabe really appreciated his work. No one really appreciated him. He could have, almost, died in a gutter and no one would have noticed or cared or missed him, he wouldn't have left anything behind except the fucking book. And that's all so far away now. He got the stupid dream ending he wrote up as a nasty lie. It's real. It happened. And that's why he had to leave the honey out, that's why he made the mental note to do it. Gabe deserves those little reminders, signs of - well, worship, or adoration, whatever. Gabriel saved his life.

Each time he realizes this it gets both heavier and lighter - so fucking real but easier to bear.

Why, why, why did this have to happen when Digby was here. He wishes more than anything he could afford to just kick Digby out.

He reaches over and hands Digby his cappuccino. Digby glances away from his fascinated inspection of Gabriel's back to take the drink, looking a little bewildered. "Thanks, dude," he says. "Man, that's so nice."

Johnny's not sure whether he means the ink or the coffee. It doesn't much matter. Digby takes his drink and ambles back over toward the workstation, pausing to inspect Yarrow, who is napping on the bed.

Johnny hovers close to Gabe, not sure what to do, and instead of taking any kind of decisive action, reaches out and brushes his fingers along the inside of his wrist.
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Well so much for being subtle, much less professional. It doesn't matter. Digby doesn't seem to mind, stuck as he is with one half-worked arm. He lets Gabe pull him into the hall, reaching out himself to shut the door behind them. Gabe's already kissing him before it's even latched; Johnny's back hits the wall and he wraps his arms around him, one hand cupping the back of his neck, the other pressing at one shoulder blade, the approximate point where the wing would sprout if they were tangible. It's sort of a subconscious gesture, he supposes, or like a little reminder for himself, because it helps to remember what Gabriel is.

He smiles against Gabe's mouth and fists his hand in the fabric of his shirt, pulling him as close as possible.

"Good offering, then?" he says a bit huskily, still close, peeking up at him.
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Johnny shudders under Gabriel's hands, his lips parted, gasping softly at the breath on his neck, the words murmured against his skin. Fuck, this is absolutely inopportune. He wants a lot of things, right fucking now.

"I-" He presses his upper back against the wall, bracing himself so he can arch his hips forward, hands slipping down to Gabe's ass. "I need a rain check. The fucking minute I get Dig out of my room. Jesus fucking Christ." He pulls himself flush against Gabe and kisses him hard, desperate. The clock is ticking and he has to get back to work, which only serves to make this hotter.

"Wait." He breaks away, moves his hands to Gabe's head, fingers tangling in his hair. He rests his forehead against Gabe's, closing his eyes briefly.

"Tell - tell me-" His breath hitches. He clings to Gabe, clings to this moment, terrified to lose it. That night Gabe told him he loved him, and he'd panicked and he'd fucked everything up, it all boiled down to the relentless tune of I am not good enough and I have nothing to give. He still hasn't forgiven himself for that, and it still haunts him.

But today he did give Gabriel something, and it was unexpected and it means something, more than Johnny can fully comprehend. He did something right and he wants, he actually wants-

"Tell me you love me," he whispers, feeling stupid but not enough to stop himself. "Like you did the first time, when I didn't - I - I want to hear you say it. I want to."

It would be funny, considering Gabe only just said it, but there's a huge difference between that and what happened the first time, how critical that was, Gabe realizing he meant it. And Johnny missed it.
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Johnny startles a little as Gabe brings the memory back in living color, tastes and smells all. This hadn't been what he'd meant, it's more, it's so unbelievably generous, to have as much of a second shot at that moment as he could possibly get. He feels shaky when Gabe takes his hands and tells him again, properly.

He feels like he could just fall apart. It's still overwhelming and terrifying and more than he thinks he deserves, but it's his. He fought tooth and nail through his piece of shit life and came out with this, and he's going to cling to it, goddammit, it's his and he's going to treat it well. He hesitates for a lingering moment, staring intently into Gabriel's eyes even as the illusory suit and the flavors of alcohol fade away, and then he presses forward, throwing his arms around Gabe's shoulders and hugging him tightly.

"I love you, too," he whispers, like he was supposed to.

"Hey, uh..."

Johnny doesn't let go of Gabe even as he looks sharply at Digby, who's just poked his head out the door.

"Sorry," says Digby, vaguely sheepish. "Listen, I can come back tomorrow if-"

"No!" Johnny clears his throat and steps back from Gabe. "No. I'm good. Let's do the thing. Sorry. I just had to... get that off my chest." He glances at Gabe, taking one of his hands and squeezing it gently before following Digby back into his apartment.

"S'all good," says Digby as he ambles back over to his seat. "Y'all are fuckin' adorable."
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Johnny works quietly, focusing on the lines and not anything that is happening in his head and heart. He and Digby had been making occasional small talk prior to Gabe's appearance, but now he's not sure what to talk about. He finds himself wishing he'd put some music on. Digby, at least, seems content to chill out. He asks a couple friendly questions about Gabe, and Johnny recounts pieces of the Godzilla event and finds himself admitting it was Gabriel who helped him discover a previously untapped interest in men.

"Aw," Digby says with a smile. "That's so romantic."

It is, Johnny thinks, feeling a little embarrassed.

He finishes up the general outline of the piece, which marks the end of this particular session.

"So I don't really have like a... book or anything," says Johnny awkwardly as he finishes wrapping the arm. "Do you wanna schedule something, or... I'm pretty much always around."

"How 'bout I just text you sometime?" says Digby. "My schedule's a hot mess."

"Sure." Digby pays him the agreed-upon sum, and it is fucking weird and wonderful actually getting money for services rendered, for the first time in a long time; then Johnny shows him out.

He manages, somehow, not to run upstairs.

"Okay," he says breathlessly, coming into Gabe's apartment and heading straight for him. "Come here."
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Johnny wants to laugh at Gabe's antics - he shouldn't be surprised - but he's too desperate, nearly tripping over himself as he pivots abruptly to follow his ridiculous teleporting boyfriend. His boyfriend.

He barely gets his hand to Gabe's cheek before Gabe hefts him back against the door and kisses him with a kind of insatiability that makes him shudder. He grips onto him, wrapping his arms around him, tangling fingers into his hair, clinging to this, this, this is his life now, it's so good and it's so much more than he deserves, but he can't bother about that right now, not with Gabriel murmuring against his skin like that.

He can't think of a single witty comeback. He can't think of anything. "I love you," drops in to fill the void, that's what happens now, when he has nothing to say, and he's not sure how he feels about that, either, but it's true, so. "I just wanted to - to give you-"

Words are complicated. So are doors. He almost draws one hand away to fumble blindly with the knob, as if he needs to bother with such asinine mechanics of architecture - remembering himself, he wills the door open, trusting Gabriel to keep him from hitting the floor, which is a decent enough metaphor, all things considered.
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Afterward, lying sprawled and sweaty in a tangle of limbs, he really wants a cigarette, but he doesn't say as much. Instead he just curls in against Gabriel and breathes out, kissing the little red mark he left on his shoulder. The sun is setting already, a little earlier each day, and light coming through the window and streaking over them is deep orange and comforting. He feels like he could stay here until it gets dark.

"So you're saying I should leave you offerings more often," he says lightly, smirking.
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"Mm." He makes a show of considering the question, tilts his head up to give Gabe a little smile. "I mean, there are worse fates."

Whenever he'd tried dating before he'd never really gotten the hang of giving gifts or doing nice things for the girls. Nice things were never his strong suit, and the girls he dated weren't interested in 'nice' anyway. He never made it far enough to do anything this intimate - never had the opportunity or impetus to give something so deeply, personally significant. This is, as all things with Gabriel have been, utterly uncharted territory. But he's never been alone in it, there's always been Gabe leading him along. To experience the movie-perfect gratification of getting so much for doing something thoughtful - he can't see this getting old, not when the entirety of this relationship is still so novel to him.

He presses closer, ducking his head down again, feeling sheepish and overwhelmed.

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