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Daine's wandering the park in her human shape, for once, because it's past time she talked to the People about the rift. Back in Tortall, it was the animals who had alerted her to the rift's presence, so she's wondering if the creatures in the park are aware of it, too. She's not sure what she'll learn, but she does know that it'll be easier to talk to everyone if she's not preoccupied with holding a shape at the same time. She'd gritted her teeth through the street crossing, but relaxed a bit once she was in the park. It's not a proper wilderness, but it's close enough.

She's already spoken with the squirrels and pigeons and been a bit disappointed. The rift has been there for long enough that many of the park's residents don't know what it feels like to not have a rift overhead, so they don't pay it much mind. They can tell when (and where) it's about to spit something out, though--something they'd needed to learn to avoid getting squashed or clobbered by whatever's coming through--but that's about all. It's better than nothing, she supposes.

It's no great surprise that she gravitates towards the Ramble, one of the wildest parts of the park. If it was summer and the branches weren't so bare, she could almost forget she was in a park at all. She's keeping an ear out for any migratory birds that might be less familiar with (and more aware of) the rift's activities, but ends up straying from the path to greet a raccoon, instead. He's cut one of his paws on some broken glass, and when she offers to fix it, he readily agrees.

Daine casts about for a decent hiding spot, eventually settling behind a large rock that blocks off most of the path from her view. It's not perfect, but healing the raccoon shouldn't take too long. With a little luck, she won't be bothered until she can finish the job. Settling the raccoon in her lap, she gets to work.
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It's so easy to lose track of the days, Nepeta finds, in this strange world, cut off from her friends. On Alternia, she structured her schedule around their online presences; she didn't think in hours so much as times at which Equius or Karkat or Terezi would be likely to show up on Trollian. It wasn't that different from the various beasts that she hunted in the wilderness surrounding her hive. They, too, were more likely to be up and about at various points, and she adapted accordingly.

Here, in what she's learned is called "Central Park," she's changed her hunting patterns to suit the environment. Humans, she's learned, do not take well to it when she tries to hunt the alien barkbeasts that they lead around on leashes. Neither do they seem to approve of her snatching any of the local fowl, if they catch sight of her while she's hunting. All in all, the biggest challenge seems to be getting food without the humans noticing - any easy enough task. They're not terribly observant, Nepeta has learned. They are always on their phones and tablets and portable music players, never aware of their own surroundings.

(Of course, she could do what seems to be normal on this planet and live in one of those towering hives and pay for human food in one of those "stores" or "restaurants," but she can't bring herself to make the adjustment. It's simply too unnatural.)

All in all, there's been ample prey to keep her going in and just around the park. She hasn't been back to that apartment the humans gave her for weeks: not since she found this lovely cave near the lake and settled in. It is a perfect setup - the humans don't seem to be able to find the entrance, despite the fact that it doesn't let in water or too much cold air and is thus an ideal spot for a respiteblock.

Lately, this little cave is even starting to feel like home. Nepeta has been busy making it habitable; the cold stone floor is almost completely covered with hides, by this point. One of these - that of a hoofbeast that she felled and dragged back on a particularly dark and cold night - makes her feel a little guilty. What would Equius think, after all? Still, what he didn't know couldn't hurt him. There are candles, perched on the rough natural shelves and alcoves of the cave walls, and matches that she stole from the nearest human store. She's even coaxed quite a few of the local cats - both strays and those odd ones with the glowing eyes and love of mysterious statements - into sharing the space with her. They come and go as they please, but she shares her kills with them when she can, and offers them a safe and warm place to curl up during the cold nights.

Tonight, she feels unusually contented with her situation. She has been unusually lucky; one of those extremely tiny, shivering barkbeasts with bulging gander bulbs got lost from its human and wandered a little too near to her cave. Nepeta never says no to an easy snack. She sits cross-legged in her new hive, humming to herself in happiness as she gnaws away at a small bone. There are a half dozen cats in there at the moment. Two are sleeping, one is having a bath, one is trying to knock over the stack of homemade cat toys (duck feathers tied to the end of reeds from the lake), one has its glowing eyes fixed contemplatively on Nepeta's wall paintings, and the others are pacing around her, yowling and waiting to be given scraps.
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Nepeta is getting used to coping with big surprises. This isn't the first time she's been sucked unceremoniously into a bizarre brave new world. Her life's been topsy-turvy ever since her friends started playing Sgrub - and before, if she's honest. Alternia, her home planet, was destroyed by meteors; Karkat insisted it was the game itself which caused it to happen. He'd also said something about ectobiology and clones and time travel. He made it sound like he'd created the twelve of them in some kind of mad science experiment gone wrong, but Nepeta isn't quite sure she followed his meaning correctly. It was hard to tell sometimes what he really meant and what was just enraged hyperbole.

The point is, after coping with all of that, tumbling into central park from out of an air vent isn't all that shocking. Nepeta lands on all fours, uses all of her senses to try to determine her surroundings. It isn't Alternia, or Skaia, or LOLCAT, or any other place she's seen before. Nepeta hear movement nearby, scrambling by instinct up the nearest tree. It is bare-branched and wet, offering no cover. At least she is out of reach, and can see further. She pulls out her tablet, tries to message Equius, but Trollian doesn't seem to be working. Nepeta frowns, tongue sticking out at the corner of her mouth, tries reloading it. No improvement. She's never been the best at technology - she always gave things to Sollux to fix when they stopped working. Nepeta tucks the device away, perturbed for the first time since she arrived. She doesn't like being out of contact with her friends.

There are a few scattered creatures in the vicinity. Nepeta stares at them with unmasked interest. Can you blame her? They are strange - quite like trolls, in their way, but just slightly wrong. For starters, where are their horns? What's wrong with their skin? She crouches near the trunk of the tree, formulating a plan. A few of them seem to be using technological devices. She should confront one of them and convince them to fix her tablet, or take her to someone who can...


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