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This is getting bloody ridiculous.

No, scratch that, this was ridiculous from the start; it was only that Andrew was more than a little preoccupied by fearing for his life for the first few days of his captivity. The longer he remains in the Master's TARDIS the less likely it seems the Time Lord will kill him. A tiny frenemy is a source of entertainment, after all, and the impression Andrew's getting is that the Master is nearly as bored with being stuck here as he is. What worries him is that he's getting used to functioning at this size, and getting used to the Master being his only company. He prides himself that he's at least refusing to get used to the cage, but in a twisted way he keeps seeing traces of James in the Master's actions. There's no give and take here, though, none of the consideration for Andrew's needs.

He's kept his mouth shut about everything he can, keeping James and the rest of the Andrews (who probably re-combined ages ago now) a secret. Bad enough he's here without tipping the Master off that there are more duplicates he might collect. Andrew regrets now his failure to heed the TARDIS's warning...and wonders if anyone has even the slightest idea where he is. He has to assume they don't, naturally, which is why he's been working on ways to get out of the cage near constantly. At the moment he's taking advantage of the Master's absence to try to slide the cage door off its hinges. It's a losing battle, as he'd probably have to bend a few bars to do it and doesn't have the necessary strength, but attacking the lock and various other potential avenues of escape has not worked thus far. Andrew is so busy, as a matter of fact, that he doesn't even notice the arrival of an angora bunny elsewhere in the room.
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Andrew is snooping, but he's not getting very far with it. The trouble with absurdly powerful, government-sanctioned entities is that getting inside the base of such an organization tends to be a bit more complicated than showing up with a forged Health and Safety ID card. Of course, he could probably get inside very easily if he simply went up to the front doors and announced himself, but somehow he doubts he'd be likely to come back out without making a grand production of escaping, and he doesn't want to be too late coming home and make James worry.

The other trouble with Romac is that they're too smart to have anything interesting going on outside. After quite a bit of loitering -- more loitering than is probably wise -- all Andrew's seen is fairly ordinary people going in and out of the building. Disgruntled at their failure to be even the least bit interesting, Andrew finally gives up in disgust and decides to walk to the rebel base in order to say hello to a few people and use their private library.

He makes it less than halfway to the park before disaster strikes. Later, Handrew will be mortally embarrassed that the crisis didn't come about because some Romac agent spotted him and decided to make trouble, or because he had to run to intercept an alien, or even because someone got it in their head to mug him. No, this disaster occurs simply because neither Andrew nor a certain speeding taxi driver happens to be looking in the right direction at the right time. As the meta-crisis steps out into the intersection of Lexington and 59th (against right of way, if he'd bothered to notice), there's a deafening screech, an impact, and Andrew quite unexpectedly shatters.

The reflex to use his power when surprised likely saves his life. Twelve tiny Andrews are scattered across the road a moment later, all of them stunned to one degree or another. As they recover and realize what's happened -- and hear the yells of a few people who saw -- they all take the same course of action:


Unfortunately, very few of them run in the same direction. There's no plan or pattern to it, and very quickly the Andrews scatter to the four winds -- or at least to the four corners of the intersection. There are a few shouts (even New Yorkers tend to notice when someone explodes next to them) and one person even stoops and tries to grab one of the four-inch-tall Andrews, but he has quite a bit of experience in running for cover.

[OOC: Let me know where you want to encounter one or more Andrews, and I will write up an explanation of how he got there. The accident occurred at E. 59th St. and Lexington Ave. (the game map might help you here), and the Andrews have gone in every direction. Some Andrews will take advantage of the nearby subway entrances; depending where he enters he could do as he intends and go northwest, or he could get on the wrong train and go northeast, which would take him past Romac housing. Really, anything is possible -- though he's trying to get to either the Rebels or the TARDIS, he could get lost in any direction, or stay stranded near the intersection. Just write a tag indicating where your character encounters an Andrew and I'll work it out (or you can PM me or ping me on AIM if you want to hammer it out together). He'll be staying in twelfths, since merging into sixths would make him a foot and a half high, meaning he'd be still too small to get around without trouble but too big to go unnoticed. There might be multiple Andrews traveling together, so let me know if you want two of them.]

UPDATE, November 14: Nine Andrews are accounted for so far. One Andrew each currently reserved for Lucy, Spike, and Topher, meaning no more Andrews are available.
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The Master has come to the conclusion that he is, for now, well and truly trapped on this tiny, insignificant world, in this noxious city. His TARDIS, usually so reliable, obedient, and well-behaved, is no longer functioning properly. She is peevish, sickly, and sulking. The Master steps outside, frowning at the weather conditions. Of course, as a Time Lord, he is almost impervious to this sort of cold and he is not actually uncomfortable. However, the gray skies and white snow leave him feeling irritable and unsatisfied. He walks into the city, intending to find out more about this reality and how it can be twisted to his advantage.
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The Master will admit he's pleased to find himself back in his TARDIS, right as the Cheetah world disintegrates. Nasty place, he is delighted to be free of it! Though, the kitlings were fantastic henchmen, he had to admit. He almost regrets not being able to keep one or two.

What the Master will not admit is being relieved or anxious. Naturally, the universe has grander plans for him, than for him to die on that backwater. As for the Cheetah virus, well, the Master is an extraordinary scientist, a genius almost without measure! He will find a cure.

The Master maneuvers his TARDIS through the time vortex, but something goes wrong. He feels himself being pulled off course, as he heads for Earth, planning to create some new mischief for the Doctor. Warning bells go off and the Master fights to keep his systems stable. The Master materializes and the warnings go quiet.

Sighing, the Master examines his instruments. They read New York, America, Earth, on January 29, 2013. He chuckles. That isn't where he intended, but he's safe and on Earth. He feels good! He himself. The Master finds a mirror and looks. He is whole again. His eyes are blue, his teeth those of an omnivore. He laughs heartily. Oh, the universe does love him! Opening the doors, he steps outside and takes a deep breath of the air.


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