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The twenty-seventh of August dawns bright and clear, but when your characters wake up, they will immediately notice something wrong. They've woken up the wrong size, or species, or age. Or perhaps everything seems normal until they take a bite of their apple-flavored toaster strudel, or attempt to speak, or wander into the woods, or bump into that old crone in the subway and fail to adequately apologize. However it happens, there's no getting around it: your characters are cursed, like an unfortunate out of a fairy tale.

On the bright side, many curses can be broken. Unfortunately, none of them come with user manuals, so how they might be broken isn't clear. Perhaps true love's kiss will do it, or a heroically sacrificial act, or some serious reflection followed by revelatory insight into your own soul. Or, y'know, whatever. But it's far more likely that your character will just be stuck with whatever it is until sunset, when any and all remaining curses will be broken.

[OOC: Feel free to use this post for initial reactions to whatever curse your character has found themselves suffering. Any additional posts for more specified shenanigans can go up under the 'events: curses' tag. Sunset is a little after 7:30 PM. Backdating and backtagging are the best and you should do both of those things if necessary.]
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At seven o'clock on the morning of Tuesday, July 30th, it begins to rain. It's not a drizzle or a downpour, but a steady, soaking sort of rain that puddles on the sidewalks and saturates the ground. The storm seems to park itself over Manhattan for the morning, and reluctantly rolls out to sea shortly after noon.

An hour after the skies clear, any rifty who got caught out in the rain may start to notice something unusual: namely, that they're escaping the notice of others. It's as if the rain has washed something out of them, and they're slowly fading out of others' awareness. Afflicted rifties are still corporeal, visible, and audible - they're not ghosts. But as time goes on, they'll continue to slip beneath everyone else's notice. By the evening of the 30th, they'll find that others' eyes tend to slide right over them, and afflicted rifties will have to grab people by the shoulder or raise their voices just to get a little acknowledgment.

Over the next two days, the effects will only worsen. Unless a significant effort is made by both parties, afflicted rifties will find themselves relegated to the background, their voices on par with the ambient sound of traffic, their faces as noteworthy as any given brick on a wall, their touch the equivalent of a sudden draft. Those who were not caught in the rain will still remember their fading friends, but they'll have an increasingly difficult time physically focusing on them.

On the bright side, afflicted rifties will be able to perceive one another with typical clarity, allowing them to easily interact with one another, if not the general population. The network will also be less affected than the rifties themselves, so text messages may be more easily perceived than speech (though by the end of the 31st, text alerts from afflicted rifties will be less noticeable than usual).

Most importantly, the weather isn't done with them. There will be occasional, sudden cloudbursts over the course of July 31st and August first, and another little soaking will reverse the effects of the initial storm. By evening of August first, everyone should be back to normal.

[OOC: Initial reactions to the fade-out can be posted here. Other shenanigans can go up in their own posts using the tag 'event: three days of rain.' Whether your character is affected and for how long is up to you, though it's safe to say that as the first of August draws to a close, rogue cloudbursts will be difficult for any still-afflicted rifties to avoid (we're not saying a tiny raincloud will spontaneously coalesce above the heads of afflicted rifties regardless of whether they're outdoors or not, buuuut we're not saying one won't, either). Backdating is, as ever, allowed and encouraged. And since this takes place over three days in game, forward dating will also be allowed if you want to get right into day three terribleness.]
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You know, the Rift really has done some nice things for you. Some of you, anyway. Not all the powers it's bestowed have been bad, right? One could easily argue it's done some pretty solid favors for some of you. And do you appreciate this?

No, you do not. Or not enough, anyway.

So, for the weekend of Friday, June 28th through Sunday, June 30th, the Rift is going to be selectively revoking some of the more useful powers it's been doling out to new arrivals. If your character has any rift-granted powers that make their lives easier, they're going to be losing them at some point during the weekend for a period of twelve hours. (If said rift power is limiting or generally useless, nothing will change. Lucky you!) Maybe it strikes your character Friday morning, or maybe at 11:59 PM on Sunday, but regardless, your character's handy-dandy rift power is going to go away for twelve hours.

Maybe when they get it back, they'll be a bit more appreciative, hmm?

There will not be any main event posts due to the flexible timing of it all, but please tag individual character posts with 'event: power revocation.' Backdating is, as ever, welcome.
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When the sun rises over Manhattan at 7:02 on February 5th, a ripple runs through the Rift and across the city. Rift activity monitors everywhere go haywire for a few seconds, before settling down as if nothing has happened.

However, everyone who's been through the rift or has been affected by it will find themselves unable to understand language anywhere but in their own heads. Letters and numbers will lose their meaning. Anything spoken aloud will sound like gibberish to the listener.

Telepaths and empaths will still be able to communicate through feelings and memories, but anything that relies on language will be indecipherable.

Romac and rebel operations will more or less break down, and a ceasefire will take effect. People from both groups will start to gather at Bethesda fountain around noon, sharing drinks and hotdogs. In the evening this gathering will evolve into a party, with an ecletic band of whoever happens to own instruments playing wordless songs with people dancing.

By sunrise tomorrow morning, everything will have returned to normal.

There will be event posts where everyone can tag in that takes place at Bethesda fountain. Anything that takes place anywhere else should have individual character posts.

Please tag all posts set during this day with 'event: speaking in tongues'. Feel free to backdate to this date to participate.


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