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A special pub has recently opened up in the East Village, and word has been spreading through the ranks of both the rebels and Romac, as well as on the rifties network.

Wilmot's End caters specifically to the unusual, those touched by the rift or carted here from different worlds. Here you can mingle and socialise in a reasonably safe environment. There is a very strict non-hostility rule, and anyone who wants to make trouble, or some rebel who wants to pick a fight with a Romac employee, will be immediately evicted. Bear in mind, though, you are not protected from gossip, and anyone might overhear you.

The first floor is a cozy pub with a relaxed atmosphere, where they serve food and have a well-stocked bar. Perfect for chatting and quietly unwinding. Minors are permitted in here until 8 pm.

The second floor is not open to minors, and is divided into two levels. On the lower level, there's a stage where bands or DJs occasionally perform, as well as an area for dancing. The upper level has seating with a view of the stage, and a bar where drinks can be ordered. This area is generally somewhat rowdier and a lot louder. The second floor also houses the offices, with windows facing the street.

The pub is located at the corner of 10th street and Avenue B. For those who are not safe to walk in the open, the bar is accessible through a basement entrance, reached by a tunnel that leads off the Lower East Side 2 Av subway station. It is open 24/7, and is owned by Beatrice Summerfield. Staff will be added to the NPC list.
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More photos!

So far the winter's been pretty dry and reasonably mild, but on the morning of February 9th, the people on Manhattan will be greeted by a foot of snow!

Feel free to make posts of making snowmen or starting snowball fights or being annoyed at general wet and coldness.


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