Jan. 5th, 2016

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She's let the whole money thing slide for a while now. There was that time she did some magic work, but she never got around to advertising her services again that well dried up, and Asmodia and Biscuit have been subsisting on their angelic allowance ever since. That's fine; it's enough for the necessities and for exploring the city, and that's all they really need, isn't it? Most of the things she'd be interested in buying don't exist here anyway, and she doesn't really need amulets and the like when she hasn't been in a fight in two months new.

But then it turns out Manhattan has entire museums devoted to art, and an entire boulevard devoted to theater. Tickets cost money, but so does food, and she's lived on the edge of society long enough to know better than to prioritize the former over the latter. Clearly she's going to need more money if she's to indulge in the arts. Clearly, also, getting an actual job is out of the question. Just thinking about working at some eatery where she'd have to wear a uniform, show up at an appointed time, follow orders and kowtow to customers -- it's enough to make her want to puke.

Where there's money, though, there's always some roundabout way to get at it. That's what has her and Biscuit in the Diamond District today, armed with a butter knife and a cup from 'her' kitchenette. Either she's about to strike it rich or the person who mentioned finding jewelry debris here is playing a really thorough practical joke on her.

"Come on, Biscuit," she says, dropping into a crouch and picking a place to start prying mud out from between the cracks in the pavement. "We're going to archaeology the shit out of this sidewalk."

She'll...well, she'll be here a while, once she sees that she is indeed finding some worthwhile bits and pieces. Why doesn't everyone do this?


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