Jan. 18th, 2016

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He counts his steps. Everything here is very big. Too easy to get lost. So many people, so much hurt - too much. Cole wants to help, but he also wants to find somewhere quiet. Harder to bear alone, without friends to help him bear it, help him help.

People like to go to the Park. It's quieter there. Cole likes it better there. It's more like home.

Two hundred and thirty-seven steps, and he's made friends with a little bird. She's a sparrow, and she likes riding in his hand. He carries her gently along to where she wants to go. A friend of hers is hurting. He doesn't know if he can help, but he can try.

As they get closer she gets excited, because someone else is already helping. She loves them. He knows them. Her.

He observes Daine from a short distance as she heals the fallen bird. Will she remember him? Usually when he meets people in dreams they don't remember him later.

He steps a little closer and allows himself to be seen. The sparrow is already talking to her. He'll let her do the talking.


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